Circle of Compassion

Disciples congregations are invited to join the “Circle of Compassion,” a new initiative designed to strengthen the work and witness of Week of Compassion for generations to come.

The goal is to enlist 100 Disciples congregations to establish a named fund of at least $10,000 in the Week of Compassion Endowment Fund at the Christian Church Foundation.

Once established, distributions will be made annually to Week of Compassion from the fund “in perpetuity” in the name of the congregation. The distribution will also be added to the congregation’s regular WoC giving, thus increasing each year the congregation’s annual support of WoC.

The term “circle of compassion” comes from a lesson learned from an African pastor who spoke about compassion as a circle. Sometimes we give, and at other times we receive, but most of the time we cannot tell the difference. We are always blessed in both the receiving and the giving, and so the circle continues.

The ways congregations are now joining are as exciting and varied as you can imagine – including making this part of a tithe of a capital campaign; soliciting individual gifts from selected donors in the congregation; moving funds from current permanent funds the congregation already holds; honoring a pastor’s anniversary or retirement or a member for whom WoC has been especially dear; or holding a special fund raising effort outside the regular WoC observance time.

We invite you and your congregation to consider joining the “Circle.” For more information, please contact:
Vy Nguyen, Executive Director, 510-473-8962



Stories of Compassion


University Christian Church has always had a heart for Week of Compassion.  It captures for us a way to live Jesus’ commandment to love each other from our doorsteps to the ends of the earth.  We were honored to be asked to join the Circle of Compassion and support its important work in ever widening that circle of love.  We can count on Week of Compassion to faithfully carry on Christ's work of love and care where ever it is needed, and we are grateful to be part of it.

Rev. Cyndy Twedell, WOC University Christian Church, Ft. Worth, TX Circle of Compassion Fund


Memorial Boulevard Christian Church has supported Week of Compassion with an Annual Hike Against Hunger for 41 years. With the Hike, the special offering and God’s help, we’ve been able to raise a total of $618,000 for Week of Compassion. It has truly been a blessing. Two years ago, we chose to give $1,000 to the Week of Compassion Circle of Compassion because we want to see this life giving ministry grow for our sisters and brothers around the world. We hope to continue to make a contribution of $1000 until we have raised $10,000. What a JOY!                                                    

Rev. Margaret Pride, WOC Memorial Blvd Christian Church, St. Louis, MO, Circle of Compassion Fund


Week of Compassion has long been a beloved offering for the members of Battery Park Christian Church.  We’ve been especially proud of being a part of the “Circle of Compassion” and our contribution to it.  It has been important to so many in our congregation to reach out to those in need, especially in times of disaster and for development purposes providing for longer relief and a vision for the future.  We have been very blessed to be a part of the circle, and each year we look forward to the report that tells us how much our Circle endowment has earned to support this ministry. 

Rev. Rachael Woodall, WOC Battery Park Christian Church, Richmond, VA Circle of Compassion Fund


We honored Pastor Janet Long’s 25th anniversary with Washington Avenue Christian Church by collecting a major gift for Week of Compassion—a cause for which we all share a passion.  Soon thereafter, we were invited to consider becoming a Circle of Compassion congregation.  Well on our way to the commitment of investing $10,000 in a permanent fund, it was an easy decision to make.  With a “From Our Doorsteps…” fund already in place to make grants to address the needs of friends, neighbors and co-workers of members, we viewed this as an opportunity to launch an “…Ends of the Earth” fund to address the needs of all our neighbors.

                                                                        Washington Ave. Christian Church, Elyria, OH, WOC “To the Ends of the Earth” Circle of Compassion Fund


One of the traits of Pershing Avenue Christian Church that I most admire is its ability to make the impossible seem possible. So, when I was asked to serve on the Week of Compassion Committee, I challenged the church to join the Circle of Compassion as a symbol of PACC putting our Compassion into Action. Daunting for a small congregation—$10,000. “…you will always have disasters with you.”

We remember standing on our campus the morning after Hurricane Charlie barreled through Orlando—damage, debris, trees and power lines felled, impassable roads—our leadership team strategizing how to connect with members across the city when my cell phone rang, breaking through the eerie silence of the storm’s aftermath. “Lindy, this is Week of Compassion….how can we help?”

PACC rises to the challenge to grow our permanent fund each year so that others will hear, amidst their own experience, that ring which brings prayer, support, resources, and most importantly compassion. The Circle is PACC’s touchstone to tell the story, to help our words become action, to extend God’s compassion through us, so that others’ hearts might move from being troubled to finding peace.

Rev. Melinda Wood, WOC Pershing Avenue Christian Church, Orlando, FL Circle of Compassion Fund


"When our small church received a large gift, we knew immediately that we needed to share a portion of this gift with our neighbors in need in Seattle and around the globe. By joining the Circle of Compassion, we partner with Week of Compassion to extend God's love and mercy to where it is needed most for many years to come."

Monica Greenberg, Pastor, Northwest Christian Church, Seattle, Washington


“At Community Christian Church, every time we gather together, we remember those who lack a safe place to gather, who spend their days hungry, and who struggle more than we can imagine. As a church, we hope to show Christ’s light through generous support of Week of Compassion. This is how we put our prayers in motion.”

Sarah Taylor Peck, Pastor, Community Christian Church, North Canton, Ohio


Circle of Compassion Members

  • Park Hill Christian Church, North Little Rock, AR
  • Bellevue Christian Church, Bellevue, WA
  • First Christian Church, Tyler, TX
  • First Christian Church, Knoxville, TN
  • First Christian Church, Meridian, MS
  • First Christian Church, Duncan, OK
  • First Christian Church, Moline, IL
  • First Christian Church, Pikeville, KY
  • University Place Christian Church, Champaign, IL
  • First Christian Church, Perry, IA
  • First Christian Church CWF, West Point, MS
  • Battery Park Christian Church, Richmond, VA
  • First Christian Church, Edmond, OK
  • First Christian Church, Paris, TN
  • Trinity Christian Church, Mechanicsville, VA
  • First Christian Church, Gainesville, FL
  • First Christian Church, Bowling Green, KY
  • Mantua Center Christian Church, Mantua, Ohio
  • First Christian Church, Keokuk, Iowa
  • University Christian Church, Ft. Worth, TX
  • Central Christian Church, Indianapolis, IN
  • Karl Road Christian Church, Columbus, OH
  • First Christian Church, Winder, GA
  • Central Christian Church, Decatur, IL
  • Washington Avenue Christian Church, Elyria, OH
  • Faith Christian Church, Memphis, TN
  • First Christian Church, Bucyrus, OH
  • Pershing Avenue Christian Church, Orlando, FL
  • Kingsway Christian Church, Germantown, TN
  • Cherokee Christian Church, Prairie Village, KS
  • Community Christian Church, North Canton, OH
  • Northwest Christian Church, Seattle, WA
  • First Christian Church, Mount Carmel, IL
  • Mid-Ohio Valley Parish, Parkersburg, WV and Marietta, OH