Here in North America, many of us turn to FitBits, iPhones, Garmins, and other pedometers to count our steps and inspire us to walk more--for our health, our fitness, or our entertainment. In other parts of the world, by contrast, people must walk miles each day for water, safety, food and education. Think of the steps a refugee child takes fleeing her country for safety. Think of the steps a woman in Myanmar takes to gather water for her family. Think of the steps a man in Haiti takes to gather building supplies and transport them to his mountain town after a hurricane destroys his home. We count our steps for our own purposes, but do our steps count?

From February 19-26, join the Compassion Challenge and make sure your steps count. Get a group together—your Sunday School Class, youth group, or just the fitness conscious people among you—walk all you can, and let your competitive side out. At the end of the challenge, the top walker is rewarded with donations in her/his honor made by the other participants to Week of Compassion: the refugee, relief and development mission fund of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ).

For one week, take all the steps you can to make sure that #YouAreHere providing food for the hungry, recovery after disaster, and compassion for those who suffer. Your steps will count.

Consider making a short (30-45 second) video to share online about why you walk, whether it be to support refugees, ensure no one faces a disaster alone, or provide food and water to people in need. Please send your video to Virginia White,, or post the video to Facebook/Twitter, tag Week of Compassion and use #CompassionChallenge.


Link to Week of Compassion Online Donation Page: