Hope, Healing, and a Hand

A Courageous Compassion Partnership

From its beginning, the Disciples Hurricane Recovery Initiative has adapted to emerging needs and new challenges. Since September 2005, Disciples have given over $4.4 million to Week of Compassion in response to Hurricanes Katrina, Rita, and Ike. At the same time, Disciples continue to answer God's call to "Get Dirty for Jesus!" Nearly 11,100 Disciples volunteers representing 1,124 mission groups have contributed 437,000 hours to the mission of disaster recovery. The value of this volunteer labor is itself worth $8.9 million. The hours are equivalent to rebuilding 175 homes and repairing 10 Disciples congregations.

While the Disciples Hurricane Recovery Initiative winds down at the end of this year, God does not appear ready to let the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) off the hook. Disciples Volunteering, in partnership with Week of Compassion, is poised to help Disciples continue to answer God's call to respond to those hard hit by disaster and partner in mission with neighbors in need. The work of the Disciples Hurricane Recovery Initiative will continue across the Gulf Coast. The work doesn't end there, however. Disciples Volunteering: Disaster Response is expanding its vision. As communities continue to experience and recover from natural disaster, Disciples Volunteering: Disaster Response calls volunteers to be present, offering hope, healing, and a hand in their recovery.

Answer God's call to serve with Courageous Compassion today! Contact Brenda Tyler at 888-346-2631 or visit the website

Keep watching this space for ways you can work with WoC partners.

A Word from the Associate Director

I do my best to take time to reflect when I'm on the road. I've been fortunate over the last few weeks to find myself in a number of places, meeting Disciples from all over the country who are doing their best to live out their call to act with "Courageous Compassion."

  • Getting to know Central California Disciples responding to hunger, severe unemployment and underemployment, and "tent cities" set up by people affected by homelessness.
  • Chatting about Foods Resource Bank with an ecumenical group of Young Adults interested in issues of climate change and sustainable living.
  • Making a couple of trips to the Gulf Coast, asking the big question, "What's Next?" with everyone who dreams of rebuilding not only New Orleans, but the many other communities devastated by disaster here in the U.S.
  • Learning from and being inspired by my colleagues from Church World Service.
  • And perhaps most importantly, answering emails and phone calls that all boil down to the same question: "How Can We Make a Difference?"

The "Hope, Healing and a Hand" Courageous Compassion Partnership is a great way to get involved. Disciples Volunteering can help you serve in the Gulf Coast; Cedar Rapids, Iowa; and many other places in severe need of starting over, finding healing, and needing encouragement.  

There are other places, too. All in need of the courage, compassion, and creativity I've seen as I've traveled around, and I'm sure you all see every time you take an extra second looking in the mirror.

Hope to see you out here on the road. If not, feel free to give me a shout.