Celebrating Strong and Consistent Advocacy for People in Need

There is a lot to celebrate at Week of Compassion. Executive Director Amy Gopp is currently enjoying a well-deserved sabbatical, rejuvenating and continuing to learn about peacemaking, ecumenism, and interfaith dialogue in her beloved Bosnia. Associate Director Brandon Gilvin married Dr. Lisa Hale in early October.

But these personal celebrations are not the only things worth celebrating at Week of Compassion. The effectiveness, resourcefulness, and flexibility of our ministry should be celebrated. After all, while one staff member was on sabbatical and another was getting married, Week of Compassion Administrator Elaine Cleveland and Rev. Rebecca Hale, chair of the Week of Compassion Advisory Committee, worked extra hard to keep the wheels of the organization turning and responded to several significant needs while Amy and Brandon were out. Leadership comes in many forms, and we thank God for all that Elaine and Rebecca contribute to Week of Compassion's ministry.

But there's even more to celebrate

Last week, Rev. Courtney Richards, also an advisory committee member, and Johnny Wray, former WoC Executive Director, represented Week of Compassion at a special celebration of IMA World Health, one of our many faithful ecumenical partners.

At the IMA celebration, Week of Compassion received the "Outstanding Support Award," which is given to the member or partner agency that consistently demonstrates leadership in their support for bringing health to hurting and vulnerable populations.

Upon presentation of the award, President of IMA World Health Rick Santos described Week of Compassion as "a strong and consistent advocate for people in need," and went on to say that WoC "takes action to help in any way they can."

It is an incredible honor for the ministry of Week of Compassion to be recognized in this way, and it is an honor that belongs to all of you who make the work of Week of Compassion possible. Amy, Brandon, Elaine, Rebecca, Courtney, Johnny, the rest of the advisory committee, and each and every person who responds from the pew, the pulpit, or through our online community--we are Week of Compassion, and inevitably, when we are called upon to respond, we take action in any way we can on behalf of those in need. 

Praise be to the God who creates, sustains, and in all things, loves!

And again, thank each and every one of you for reaching out with Courageous Compassion!

If you would like to partner with Week of Compassion, consider contributing to our Compassion Response Fund, a flexible fund that allows us to respond in the wake of natural and human-made disasters.