Volunteers Work With Courageous Compassion

November Blitz Build with Disciples Volunteering

Northwood Christian Church in Beaumont, TX, housed hundreds of volunteers who helped neighbors rebuild their homes and their lives following Hurricanes Rita (2005) and Ike (2008). Volunteers took over Northwood’s multipurpose building for weeks at a time, and members at Northwood were thrilled to provide the space – even though they had lost their main building, which contained their sanctuary, classrooms, and office space, during Hurricane Rita.

On a typical Sunday morning, the rec room of their multipurpose building was transformed into a worship space. Each Sunday afternoon, the space was converted to accommodate work groups. Now, after five years of working, dreaming, praying, and planning, Northwood is on the verge of returning to a permanent place of worship.

This summer, Disciples Volunteering coordinated a major building effort at Northwood. Volunteers from congregations across the country came to frame, roof, side, insulate, and sheetrock a new building, complete with sanctuary, office space and classrooms, on the footprint of their old building. The new building is nearly complete.

Now is the time to thank the folks at Northwood for their sacrificial giving, despite their own loss.
Now is the time to volunteer, spend a day, a week, or two weeks in Beaumont.
Now is the time to finish the work!

Disciples Volunteering is calling for volunteers to come Get Dirty for Jesus! and help finish the building.

The work will take place Nov. 7 – 21. The new building will be dedicated on Nov. 21 at 3:00 pm in a special time of worship and celebration. More information is available here, and a flyer for printing and sharing is here.

Click here to register. A registration fee covers the cost of housing and all meals; weekly and daily rates are available. Please contact Brenda Tyler at 888-346-2631 or btyler@dhm.disciples.org with any questions.

Thanks to Westside!

Many of you may have volunteered at Westside Mission Station in New Orleans as part of the Disciples response to Hurricanes Katrina, Rita, and Ike. If you did, you may have received a letter this week from Bro. Vance Moore, who has directed the center in its ministry of compassion, announcing that Westside Mission Center will transition from a regionally operated rebuilding organization to a multi-purpose community facility for Westside Christian Church. In this letter, he included a special note to all the volunteers who have contributed to rebuilding New Orleans:

“Without you, Westside Mission Center would never have gotten past the vision and dreams stage. With God’s hand--through all of us--we made a difference! Hundreds of families are better off today than before you came, and from the bottom of my heart I want to thank you for allowing them to experience God through your actions and your love.”

Thanks, Brother Vance, the Great River Region, and all of the many partners who kept Westside rolling!

Week of Compassion supports Disciples as they engage in hands-on mission, whether on the Gulf Coast after a hurricane, in Middle Tennessee following severe flooding, or wherever we find ourselves called. Even if you can’t make a trip, you can volunteer your resources. Follow this link if you’d like to help us prepare for the next time Disciples are needed to volunteer!