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Seeking Liturgy, Sermon Starters & Activities for All Ages

DEADLINE: November 15, 2010

You may have seen our Week of Compassion Offering resources before, but did you know we are partners with a wider ecumenical effort, the “One Great Hour of Sharing”? By working together, we are able to make our resources go further as we promote the work we do as individual denominations and together.

Now, you have a chance to contribute!

Share your unique voice as a writer of resources for the ecumenical community across the U.S., collecting the 2012 Week of Compassion Offering. If your entry is selected for use, you will be compensated! For complete information and compensation schedule, visit onegreathourofsharing.org and click the Writer Call for Entries button. Be sure to review the Guidelines for submission. Questions? Drop an email to writerquestions@eoghs.org.

The Faith Community’s Role in Refugee Resettlement and Advocacy

A Church World Service paper presented at a University of Oxford conference explores the positive historical and contemporary role of U.S. churches in refugee resettlement and advocacy. Jennifer Riggs, Director of Refugee and Immigration Ministries (RIM), was one of those interviewed for the paper, which highlights the positive impact of resettlement not only on refugees but also on the communities that welcome them. RIM is a program of Disciples Home Missions funded by your Week of Compassion offerings.

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Talking about Hunger and Poverty

In preparation for the Church World Service CROP Walk, Park Street Christian Church in Charlottesville, VA, recently talked about hunger during worship. Then they decided to share it with the world. Want to see? Follow this link.

Catch the New Fire

New Fire is a network of ecumenical organizations and Christian communions that seek to revitalize the Church by engaging and developing the next generation of Christian leaders. This year’s New Fire Gathering will be in conjunction with the National Council of Churches Centennial Gathering in New Orleans, LA, November 7-9. Interested? Information and registration is available here.

Shaken: A Story of Returning to Haiti

“When minister and aid specialist James Gulley came home alive from the Haitian earthquake—barely, after an incredible survival ordeal in Port-au-Prince—he turned right around and went back. His son went, too, discovering the true power of a faith he'd never shared.” Read the full story here.

Split Ticket

Did you know that the Executive and Associate Directors of Week of Compassion have a new book out, co-edited with their friend and colleague, Christian Piatt? It’s available on Chalice Press. Follow this link to see the book’s promotional video.

This Week's Responses

Disaster Relief and Emergency Assistance
Philippines, typhoon relief
North Carolina, flood damage

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