Weekly Roundup

Microcredit Crisis?

Though microcredit has been lauded as an important tool in ending extreme poverty, it is hardly a silver bullet. In fact, India faces some questions about the negative impact of microcredit.

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Can Faith Fight Poverty?

Poverty is not a Democratic or a Republican issue, but a moral one. Read more here.

2011 General Assembly

The 2011 General Assembly of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) features a number of fantastic speakers, preachers, and music. Interested in seeing who will be there? Check the roster out here.

This Week’s Responses

Disaster Relief
Pakistan, flood relief

Sustainable Development
Kenya, food security
East Africa, developing youth leadership and empowerment
Zimbabwe, rural health project
DR Congo, women's income generation
South Africa, education for young girls
Indonesia, conflict resolution
Pakistan, peace education for youth
Gran Chaco, support for indigenous youth
Mexico, education for vulnerable children
West Bank, food security
Egypt, community development
Asian Pacific, energy-saving project
China, family income generation

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