One Rhythm, One World

ACT International has long been one of Week of Compassion's primary partner organizations. ACT stands for Action by Churches Together and is based in Geneva, Switzerland, at the Ecumenical Center of the World Council of Churches. ACT is the largest alliance of Christian humanitarian agencies in the world -- and Week of Compassion is a part of that awesome alliance. Through our membership in Church World Service, we also work through ACT to respond to disasters, serve refugee and displaced populations and engage in long-term sustainable development. The ACT Alliance is operational on the ground in Haiti and is one of our primary implementing partners in and around Port-au-Prince. Through our work together, WoC is present and active in so many places of great need the world over, thanks to our partnership with the ACT Alliance. We are grateful for this, just as we are grateful to you for enabling us to be such an effective and efficient ministry in the lives of many. 

For a closer glimpse of the lives that we are learning from, accompanying and serving, please take a few minutes of your day to watch this video update (with captions). You won't regret it! Please consider sharing it with your congregation. Through the sharing of our resources, we are helping to change lives.