2010 1st Quarter Response Fund Report

The Compassion Response Fund is an allocation the Week of Compassion Advisory Committee makes each year to enable WoC to respond quickly to requests for emergencies, disasters and other urgent and unexpected needs that arise. For 2010 the WoC Committee has allocated $510,000 for the Response Fund; it is the single largest item in the WoC program budget. In addition to what is budgeted for the Response Fund, WoC receives designated gifts for the Fund - and for specific disasters, countries and situations - that further enhance our capacity to respond to emergency needs and appeals. To date WoC has made a disaster response on average of once every 3 days.

Below is a brief report of grants from the Compassion Response Fund and other designated disaster response accounts. Contributions for the Response Fund are needed and welcomed and will be used 100% for emergency response to humanitarian needs in the world.

Africa: [9,465]
$1,500 - Angola, emergency
$1,665 - Kenya, water wells
$6,000 - Uganda, mudslides
$300 -    Zimbabwe, water wells

East Asia and the Pacific: [2,500]
$2,500 – Fiji, cyclone relief

Latin America and the Caribbean: [307,500]
$2,500 – Argentina, tornado relief
$23,500 - Chile, earthquake
$281,500 – Haiti, earthquake

Middle East and Europe: [11,000]
$6,000 – Gaza/West Bank, humanitarian assistance
$5,000 - Iraq, assistance to IDPs & refugees

General: [6,000]
$6,000 - 2010 Rapid Response Fund
           Madagascar, cyclone recovery
           Zambia, flood relief

Domestic: [16,970]
$500 – California, vandalism to church
$2,500 – Florida, long-term disaster recovery
$7,500 - Louisiana, long-term hurricane recovery
$1,000 – New Jersey, flood relief
$4,000 - Texas, hurricane recovery
$720 – Texas, resettled refugee assistance
$500 - U.S., 2010 winter storms
$250 - U.S., northeast states storms appeal