Nashville Update

On the Ground

People from across the Nashville metro area and Middle Tennessee have been greatly impacted by the devastating floods a few weeks ago. Disciples congregations were not spared, as you know. The Christian Church in Tennessee office was ruined, several Disciples churches experienced severe flooding, and every single one of our churches has had members affected.  

This video shows a sample of the great havoc caused by the torrential downpours and flooding that ensued. Rev. Jay Hartley, pastor of Eastwood Christian Church, accompanied me through the most affected neighborhoods of East Nashville.

But while everywhere we turned there was incredible damage, there was also amazing work being done by our Disciples congregations. Disciples-led grassroots feeding programs are ensuring that people who lost their homes can count on a decent meal. Alameda Christian Church, New Covenant Christian Church, Woodmont Christian Church, and Iglesia Cristiana Discipulos de Cristo have reached out to meet the needs of their communities. Eastwood Christian Church kept the doors of its daycare center open longer, and employed additional caregivers, so that parents could join in the immediate relief efforts.

Vine Street Christian Church and the Disciples Divinity House of Vanderbilt University have also been hard at work-- gutting flood-damaged homes and cleaning out the ravaged regional office.

Nashville, TN

In this video filmed at the regional office, Disciples Volunteering Director Carl Zerweck speaks with Rev. Thomas Kleinert of Vine Street Christian Church and Eli Rolon, a seminarian at Vanderbilt and a resident at DDH.  

The Middle Tennessee churches are mounting a response, reaching out to their communities, and are eager to welcome volunteers to help rebuild homes of people who lost everything in the floods. Every church is ready to offer its skills, resources, and connections. Bellevue Christian Church and Eastwood Christian Church have each graciously offered their facilities to become mission stations for flood recovery efforts. We will rebuild Nashville, one neighborhood at a time. What better way to reach out with Courageous Compassion than to contribute to the rebuilding?  

We give thanks for you all -- daily. Thanks for your hope, commitment, and continued work. Let's see what we can do to make a difference in Middle Tennessee and around the world.

Brandon Gilvin