Weekly Update

This spring, Week of Compassion and Disciples Volunteering teamed up to support the Church World Service Ecumenical Build in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Several Disciples Churches joined the volunteer efforts. Josh Baird of Disciples Volunteering recently represented us at the Media Day event. Learn about this project by dropping by the website:


The Congo
Global Ministries is sponsoring a symposium on human rights issues in the Congo this weekend. Room is still available, if you can make it to Indianapolis on Friday and Saturday. This will be a great opportunity to learn about some of the important issues facing this conflict-torn, resource-rich region of Africa:


College Students!
The North American Region of the World Student Christian Federation, the oldest global ecumenical organization for students, is hosting an eco-justice conference in Ottawa, ON in June:


In the News:
An independent scientist says the Gulf oil spill appears to be even larger than he previously thought. Steve Wereley of Purdue University told a House subcommittee that he estimates the well is gushing nearly 100,000 barrels a day; BP's official estimate is 5,000 barrels.


Nashville Update
The flooding in Nashville has a human cost, and a cultural cost as well: