Flood Recovery Continues in Nashville

by Gregory Rumburg, Elder, Vine Street Christian Church

The rain just kept coming down….

It’s a common refrain within Nashville conversation this week. One part recollection. One part revelation of disbelief.

“My daughter got scared,” Dave, a local father, shared. “She’d never seen so much water.”

In water-ravaged neighborhoods Metro Nashville officials are directing people to separate their homes and personal belongings—items now known simply as flood debris—into four piles: 1) white goods and metal (like appliances); 2) construction and demolition debris (including lumber and windows); 3) vegetation (brush, limbs and yard waste) and 4) household trash (including carpet).

A fifth pile seems to be emerging—the one called, “Try to save.” A grandmother’s trunk from Ellis Island. Christmas ornaments chock-full of family memories of holidays past. Photos documenting a once-happy family now separated by distance, death or divorce… and now flood water.

The rain just kept coming down….

To donate to flood relief in Tennessee and Kentucky, please click here.