Sometimes it's a stove, fridge, and dishwasher. Sometimes it's a loss that is immeasurably more difficult.
Over the last few weeks, floods and tornadoes have struck a number of states, including Alabama, Arkansas, Idaho, Illinois, Kansas, Michigan, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Texas and Wyoming. Some 30 people have died in these recent incidents, and another 20 perished in flooding that affected a campsite in Arkansas, including a family from King's Highway Christian Church in Shreveport, LA.

This weekend, tornadoes struck Billings, MT, and fires burned out of control in Flagstaff, AZ. As is the case with all disasters, we are monitoring these situations with our ecumenical partners, such as Church World Service, as well as through our regional and local ministries. Through Week of Compassion, the ministry of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) is able to be present at times of severe need.
While we might not be able to precisely predict when a disaster might strike, we can be prepared to respond. By contributing a gift to our designated Response Fund, you can help position us to respond quickly and faithfully when people are at their most vulnerable.
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Sometimes, a simple gift can make all the difference. Your gift might just change someone's life.
Kyrgyzstan: WoC Partners Distribute Food Aid
Through our invaluable partnership in the ecumenical ACT Alliance, WoC is responding in conflict-torn Kyrgyzstan.

The ACT Alliance’s Central Asia Forum is using its well-established local network to provide food to people in need in the cities of Osh and Jalalabad. Local ACT partners based in the region are buying agricultural products from local farmers to avoid long and dangerous transport routes. In the first response to the crisis since last week, they have been able to facilitate the impartial distribution of 20 metric tons of rice and vegetables in the city of Osh.
Using local capacities to identify urgent needs and to facilitate direct supplies from local farmers is working well. At the same time, this approach is supporting local producers. ACT will continue developing this mechanism. A first assessment within the ACT network estimates that local farmers can supply up to at least 5,000 metric tons of potatoes, rice, flour, vegetables and livestock for slaughter from existing stocks. Local partners were able to quickly pre-finance the mobilization of food resources. 
Besides empowering local partner capacities in southern Kyrgyzstan, ACT is preparing 7,000 family relief packages in Bishkek which will be sent to Osh in the course of this week. Each package will include around 15 kgs of dry food rations and kitchen utensils for one family. HelpAge is complementing the packages with the provision of hygiene items. On June 23rd, ACT will send a team of experts to Jalalabad and Osh to assess the needs in the field and to identify priorities for further ACT operations. The mission is being coordinated with other international NGOs including Eurasia Foundation, HelpAge, MSF, Oxfam and others.
Thank you, friends, for your commitment to people recovering from devastating natural disaster and those grappling with the harrowing results of violence and human conflict. Each time you live into that commitment, you reach out with courageous compassion.