Weekly Roundup

Haiti: Homeless, With an Uncertain Future

The devastating Haiti earthquake that led to 1.9 million people losing their homes forced most into around 1400 temporary settlements in Port-au-Prince and other areas. Now thousands have been evicted from these sites without any viable alternative.

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Teaching "Human Rights, Peace, and Harmony" in Pakistan and Afghanistan

Church World Service works for peace in a volatile region and helps build the capacity of young people.

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Scholarships for Young People Available for Travel with Foods Resource Bank

FRB invites its young volunteers to come travel overseas. Thanks to a grant from the John Deere Foundation, FRB is pleased to be able to offer matching scholarships to help cover travel costs for young people interested in agriculture and growing solutions to world hunger.

Those interested in traveling should contact FRB with their request. If their application is accepted, the grantee will receive a scholarship for half the total travel cost. Check out the newsletter for upcoming overseas trips.

This is a great opportunity to visit the overseas program your growing project supports or to learn about life and agriculture outside the US. If you are interested in applying for a scholarship, please contact FRB at (888) 276-4372.

WoC Recommended Reading List

Week of Compassion invites you to expand your horizons! Follow this link for a recommended list of books, both fiction and non-fiction, that address the kinds of issues to which Week of Compassion responds in the world. Links to Amazon.com are provided. Consider starting a WoC book club!

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This Week's Responses

Disaster Relief & Emergency Assistance
Honduras, Tropical Storm Agatha
Oklahoma (2), flood relief
U.S., 2010 summer emergencies

Development & Long-Term Recovery
El Salvador, food security
Vietnam, clean water project
U.S., poverty initiative

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