Weekly Roundup

Gulf Oil Spill Pastoral Letter

Week of Compassion, General Minister and President Sharon Watkins, and several Regional and Area Ministers recently sent a letter to churches in areas affected by the BP oil spill. To read the letter and see the resources WoC has made available for responding to the spill, click here.

After The Earthquake, Port-au-Prince, Haiti

No one said responding to the aftermath of Haiti's devastating 12 January earthquake would be easy.

They were right.

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Urgent Need for School and Clean-Up Kits

This is to alert you to the fact that the CWS inventory of clean-up buckets and school kits is extremely low. The need is great - we are in the midst of tropical storm and hurricane season, when clean-up buckets often are requested, and CWS is getting numerous requests for the school kits as overseas partners prepare for the fall school year.

Thank you, in advance, for whatever efforts you can make to help increase CWS' clean-up bucket and school kit supply to help meet potential and existing requests.

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Quick Hits

Promoting Good Governance in Pakistan... and ...raising awareness about HIV/AIDS.

This Week's Responses

Disaster Relief and Emergency Assistance

Nicaragua, tropical storm relief
Guatemala, tropical storm relief
El Salvador, tropical storm relief
Republic of Congo, train accident
Pakistan/Afghanistan, security crisis
Romania, flood relief
Brazil, flood relief
Montana, tornado/flood relief
Haiti, trauma counseling/peacebuilding

Development and Long-Term Recovery

Zimbabwe, water wells
Kenya (2), water project