Update on Pakistan Flooding

Last week Pakistan was struck by brutal monsoon-related floods, killing more than 1,100, with authorities worried about the spread of waterborne diseases. At least 1.5 million people have been displaced and thousands remain stranded.

Assessments conducted by Week of Compassion partners such as Church World Service indicate that survivors face grave challenges, given the loss of housing, crops and livestock. Most of the affected villages are still inundated, and people in general have little to eat and no means to earn money.

Aside from the human toll, 111 bridges have been destroyed, and more than 3,700 houses have been swept away.

Through Church World Service, Week of Compassion will contribute to a flexible response that will adapt as needs in each district emerge. At this point, plans include providing emergency assistance to 70,000 people, food assistance to 35,000 people, emergency shelter supplies to meet the needs of 17,500 people, and mobile health access for 17,500 people.

Through our ecumenical network, we will continue to respond and keep you updated. Initial reports estimate the response will cost $1.6 million. As we have been called to help our neighbors, please consider ways that you can help partner with Week of Compassion to provide relief in these severely affected regions. We give thanks to God for your service, and pray with hope for the people of Pakistan.