Weekly Roundup

Pakistan Needs Our Help after the Worst Floods in 80 Years

For an update on how your gifts to Week of Compassion are helping to respond to this humanitarian crisis, click on the following link from our implementing partners in the ACT Alliance.

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Haiti: The Long Road to Recovery: Some Close-Ups

In northern Haiti, members of a community-based group began a feeding program for those displaced by the January 12 earthquake. In the southern coastal city of Jacmel, a group of disaster survivors banded together and moved onto the grounds of a local church. And in Port-au-Prince, a woman who gave birth to her infant son twelve days after the quake wondered what she would do next.

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Venezuelan & Colombian Refugees and Internally Displaced Curriculum

Refugee and Immigration Ministries (RIM) has prepared a curriculum on Venezuelan and Colombian refugees and internally displaced persons for use by Disciples Women’s groups this summer and fall.  This online curriculum includes study, worship, and service material.  RIM is a program of Disciples Home Missions supported by your Week of Compassion offerings.

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Films as Discussion Tools on Immigration

“REEL Images of Immigration: A Film Guide to Discussing Faith and Immigration” highlights four films on immigration issues and provides discussion questions and theological reflection for small groups.  These films expose the brokenness of our current immigration system and the need for comprehensive immigration reform.  The guide also provides a list of other popular immigration films.  Refugee and Immigration Ministries also has available a list of films and discussion tools for small groups on both refugee and immigration issues.  Refugee and Immigration Ministries (RIM) is a ministry of Disciples Home Missions supported by your Week of Compassion offerings.

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News from the World Council of Churches:  65 Years after Hiroshima Bomb, Churches Call for Elimination of Nuclear Arms

Again we mourn the people who died from the atomic bombings of 1945 and extend our solidarity and resolve to those who survive. The pain of this important anniversary is threefold. There are the shattered families, recurring traumas and unnatural deaths that have affected hundreds of thousands of people of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

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