Nashville: The Recovery Is Just Beginning

It’s time to head to Nashville! Mission stations to help with flood recovery needs are being set up as you are reading this, and YOU are invited to help. Josh Baird of Disciples Volunteering offered us this exciting announcement:

In early May, several days of rain culminated in massive flooding across middle and western Tennessee. Waters across the state rose to record heights, leading more than half of the counties in Tennessee to be declared federal disaster areas. In Nashville alone, nearly 60,000 households registered for FEMA assistance following the flood. Neighbors and friends pulled together quickly to ensure that most flooded homes were mucked and gutted.

Over the next several months, people waded through the processes required by FEMA or their insurance companies; too many completed that journey only to find themselves without the resources to cover their needs. Disciples Volunteering, in partnership with the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in Tennessee  and supported by your Week of Compassion offerings, is now calling for volunteers and mission teams to help. For many people in the disaster-affected areas, long-term recovery can now begin.

Disciples Volunteering is committed to work for the long haul in Nashville. We want to start by putting our best foot forward: volunteers are needed for 6 weeks this fall, between October 10 and November 20. We will also start scheduling mission teams for next spring and summer very soon. There is much work to do, and you are an important part of that work!

Our Nashville Mission Station can accommodate up to 15 people. We welcome volunteers who are at least 14 years old; youth groups must have at least one adult for every five youth. To find out how you can help, or to register your congregation for a mission trip, visit the Disciples Volunteering website or call Brenda Tyler at Disciples Home Missions, 888-346-2631.

Partnerships: Around the World, Around the Year

We are so grateful for the work that Josh, Carl, and Brenda, and everyone who volunteers through Disciples Volunteering do together. This is a great way to get involved, and your contributions to Week of Compassion help make that work happen. We could not do any of our work without you! 

Please remember, too, that there are many other places affected by hunger, extreme poverty, and horrendous disaster where you can help through Week of Compassion partners.

You can:

As the Church, we believe that we are a community of many gifts brought together with a common call to reach out with the love of Christ. These are but a few of the opportunities to reach out in partnership with Week of Compassion. It is a privilege to call you partners in ministry, and for this opportunity, we give great thanks to the one who calls us!  Thanks be to God!