Weekly Update

Video from the Ecumenical Build in Cedar Rapids, IA

This spring, people of faith, including several Disciples churches, came from across the country to Cedar Rapids, Iowa to help with continued recovery efforts from severe flooding in 2008. Our colleagues at Lutheran Disaster Response put together this brief video to show what we accomplished together in Cedar Rapids.

Click here to watch the video.

Calling All Volunteers! It’s time to go to Nashville!

Disciples Volunteering is now calling for Volunteers and Mission Teams to help. While May seems like a long time ago, the reality for many people is that this recovery is only just beginning. Disciples Volunteering is committed to being present for the long haul. Volunteers are needed for 6 weeks this fall, between October 10 and November 20.

For more details, including registration info, click here.

Quake strained Haiti’s already ailing food system

“This is green, lithe, quiet country, and if for no other reason, its seeming peace can be a balm for those seeking relief from the Haitian capital’s congestion and chaos.

But today, more than a half year after the quake, this region’s problems are emblematic of the long-term challenges Haiti faces as it tries to recover from not only the Jan. 12 earthquake, but from what Scott Campbell of Catholic Relief Services calls a “structural disaster that has been there for years.”

Church World Service writer Chris Herlinger updates us about Haiti’s food security in the wake of the January earthquake. For more, click here.

Climate Change: a Lesson from Pop Culture

What can the hit show “Glee” tell us about climate change and interfaith dialogue? Mallory Mcduff, who teaches Environmental Studies at Warren Wilson College in Asheville, NC, explores the connections.

It’s More than Fair, It’s an Equal Exchange

Following the Fair Trade Futures Conference in Boston, Brandon and many of our ecumenical colleagues involved in Equal Exchange’s Interfaith program visited Equal Exchange Headquarters to learn about their cooperative business model, discuss the future of the fair trade movement, and enjoy some of their incredible Fair Trade coffee, chocolate, and tea. Through the Disciples Coffee Project, farmers receive fair prices for their crops, affordable credit and long term trade relationships with a trading partner they can trust, Equal Exchange. In addition, for every pound of fairly traded products Disciples order through the Project, Equal Exchange makes a donation to the Disciples Hunger Relief and Food Security Fund. Do you serve Equal Exchange coffee at your church? Have you tried their new caramel crunch chocolate with sea salt? If you’re intrigued, check out the Disciples Coffee Project here.

This Week's Responses

Disaster Relief and Emergency Assistance
Texas, flood relief
Pakistan, flood relief
Tennessee, flood relief
U.S./Appalachia Region, emergency heating needs
DR Congo, medical needs

Development and Long-Term Recovery and Rehabilitation
Former Yugoslavia, women's economic and social development
Bosnia and Herzegovina,women's economic development cooperative
Balkans, interreligious dialogue and peace-building
DR Congo, women's microcredit project

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