Caring for Our World, Working with Its People

"God saw everything that he had made, and indeed, it was very good."--Genesis 1:31

The first story in the book of Genesis is about God’s creation of the world—a world created in love. Light separates from darkness, earth from water, and order emerges out of the chaos.  

This ancient story continues to resonate. In a year that has seen disaster after disaster, it seems like much of the work of Week of Compassion is about yearning for order. 

It is not only those who face the almost instantaneous destruction of a flood who feel that their once orderly lives become chaotic. Communities around the world face harsh grassroots realities as a result of climate change. The rhythm—the very order—of life changes as weather patterns shift, as storms become more extreme, and what was once arable land becomes desert.

Our partners at Church World Service have put together an excellent video highlighting their work in sustainable development for communities affected by climate change in East Africa. 

The work highlighted in this video is your work. By making sustainable development a priority in our ministry, you are helping communities utilize local knowledge and build upon gifts that already exist to adapt to a changing environment.

This is but one way that your gifts empower people to find new alternatives for self-reliance. Over the past year, you have partnered with food security projects in El Salvador, contributed to building water projects in Vietnam, helped support peace-building efforts in the Middle East, built sanitation systems in Kenya, and supported an impressive array of other projects that will make a real difference in the lives of people all over the world. 

Your continued gifts have been investments in the best of what communities can offer, and are instrumental in preventing extreme poverty.

Consider making an additional investment in these communities through Week of Compassion's Sustainable Development Fund.

After all, these are investments that offer a return you might never imagine: strangers who become neighbors, empowered communities, and a glimpse of a world that is filled with more compassion than chaos.

And that, friends, is very good.

Urgent Need for Clean-Up Buckets

This summer has seen significant damage due to severe storms. Church World Service is making an urgent request for Emergency Clean-up Buckets, as current supplies are now depleted. For instructions on assembling and shipping the buckets, click here.