Weekly Roundup

An Initiative of Young Adult Disciples: “The Babel Table: from Tower to Table”

This project is aimed at engaging young adults in a church-wide conversation around the issues of “becoming a multicultural and inclusive church.” This program will bring together groups of 12-15 Disciples young adults to participate in a hands-on mission and learning experience through a series of work trips to three different Disciples mission centers across the United States. All expenses will be covered.

Applications are now being received with a November 15 deadline. For more details and to apply, click here

Ecumenical Action on Food Security

The Churches Week of Action on Food will take place October 10-17, 2010. The focus this year is on the vital importance of smallscale food producers, particularly women, in ensuring food security particularly for the almost 1 billion people experiencing chronic hunger.

An action guide and liturgy are available in English, French and Spanish. Join with thousands of others during the week to raise awareness about the root causes of hunger in this world and what we can do to help improve food security around the world.

Resources are available here.

The Rev. James L. Demus, III, Co-Founder of Disciples Justice Action Network, passes away.

Week of Compassion joins with the entire church in mourning the loss of Rev. Demus. More about the life and ministry Rev. Demus is available at the Chicago Sun-Times and in this brief biography

Advocacy Efforts Contribute to Policy Shift

Speaking at the UN last week, President Obama announced a new presidential policy directive that will provide a rational and more coherent policy for reducing global poverty and ensuring economic growth in poor countries. Our partners at Bread for the World have been advocating for this policy change as part of their work. For more on this directive, visit Bread for the World.

An Invitation from the Week of Compassion Staff

At Week of Compassion, we truly believe that we are a church made up of people who deeply love their neighbors, who deeply love their country, and who deeply long to understand one another. That’s why we want to invite you to participate in a sacred dialogue on immigration. As a Church, we are inviting all U.S. Disciples congregations to set aside some time around Columbus Day this year (October 12) to have conversations on immigration. Whatever the political positions of members of your congregation, it is important to come together as the body of Christ to have conversations with one another on this important issue that deeply affects the life and ministry of our denomination. If your congregation is unable to have these conversations in October, please find another time this year that works for you. Canadian Disciples, who celebrate Thanksgiving on October 11, are encouraged to include a prayer for immigrants to Canada during their celebrations that day. Disciples from the U.S. and Canada live in a nation of immigrants, and we live as a church of immigrants. It’s who we’ve always been and who we are today.

Please join in this important dialogue—and dare to wander with one another through one of the most important issues we face. Information and resources are available here.

Sign Up for New CWS Electronic Newsletter on Immigration and Refugee Issues

Refugee and Immigration Ministries (RIM) works in partnership with the Church World Service (CWS) Immigration and Refugee Program in the resettlement of refugees, advocacy on immigration issues, and global refugee protection issues.  CWS has published a newsletter (“Welcome”) covering those issues for many years.  Now CWS is changing “Welcome” to an e-mail version and looking for additional persons who might be interested in receiving this electronic version.  Disciples are urged to sign up to receive this newsletter!  RIM is a program of Disciples Home Missions funded by your Week of Compassion offerings.

Sign up here and see archived issues here