Flooding in Thailand

Cambodia is experiencing the worst flooding in more than a decade due to typhoons and greater-than-average rainfall. Floods are also seriously affecting neighboring Thailand. So far 315 people have died from floods and monsoon-related accidents in Thailand; more than 8.6 million persons living in 61 provinces have already been affected, CNN reports. Week of Compassion partner Church World Service staff in Thailand reports that more than 700,000 homes have been destroyed. It is very possible that the floods might cause losses of up to US $1 billion.

Efforts now focus on trying to protect the capital of Bangkok from rising flood waters, with millions of sandbags being placed in and around the city. WoC, along with CWS, is monitoring this situation and will respond accordingly. CWS is responding as a member of the ACT Alliance--specifically through ACT forum members in Thailand, which include CWS, Diakonia, Danish Church Aid, Norwegian Church Aid and the Church of Christ in Thailand, known as CCT. CWS-supported members of CCT’s team are conducting assessments, and food distribution is already beginning in Bangkok, as are the distribution of food and non-food items in Ayutthaya and Chai Nat Provinces for more than 1,200 households.

Horn of Africa Crisis

Currently, there are over 13 million people dying, starving, and being displaced in the Horn of Africa. This is a crisis like no other. It is the worst drought in 60 years and the worst famine in 20 years. Every six minutes a Somali child is dying. Every six minutes. 

In many ways this has been a neglected emergency. 

I would urge us, my Disciples, to not neglect this emergency. Too many people are in great need. We can do something about that need. Our sisters and brothers in Kenya have had no choice but to eat their own seed supplies; through CWS we are supplying them with drought-resistant seeds. We are also constructing sand dams and shallow wells in the Rift Valley and Eastern provinces of Kenya. To take a look at this work in action, I highly commend to you this beautiful video:  

                                  Click here to view video.

In Somalia and Ethiopia we are working through our ACT Alliance partners to provide significant food aid and hygiene supplies, as well as desperately needed nutritional supplements. We are also helping to supply aid to Somali refugees in Kenya’s Dadaab refugee camps and to those in the Ethiopian Dolo Ado camps. For a more detailed account of our ecumenical humanitarian work, visit here

There is enough for all.

Thank you for your Courageous Compassion, and for sharing your resources and literally saving lives. 

This Week's Responses

Sustainable Development and Long-Term Recovery
Botswana, capacity building
DR Congo, capacity building
Zimbabwe, pastoral leadership support
Syria, youth education and teacher training
Palestine, peace-building
Poland, education and human rights