Responding to the Earthquake in Turkey

Through our trusted ecumenical partners, Week of Compassion is responding to the major 7.2 earthquake that rocked eastern Turkey on Sunday, October 23. First estimates project over 200,000 people are affected. At this writing 366 have died and thousands have been left homeless.

Nearly 1,000 buildings have been destroyed in the disaster zone, with the town of Ercis the worst hit.

Many impacted families live in remote villages. Week of Compassion’s Turkish partner through the ACT Alliance, Support to Life, is concentrating its relief efforts on affected rural regions. 

A longtime partner of ACT Alliance member Diakonie Katastrophenhilfe, Support to Life has extensive experience in emergency and reconstruction aid after severe earthquakes, as in Bam, Iran in 2003, and in Kashmir in Pakistan in 2005. In a first step, several thousand people are being provided with food and shelter materials. 

Week of Compassion will also respond to relief efforts undertaken by Global Ministries partners. 

Submissions Requested for 2012 Church World Service Forum on Domestic Disaster Ministry

A Note from the Church World Service Domestic Disaster Forum Planning Committee:

Do you have anything to say about responding to disasters?

You are invited to submit a Presentation Proposal for the 2012 Church World Service Forum on Domestic Disaster Ministry. The theme for 2012 is, “Sacred Hospitality: Compassion and Community in the Wake of Disaster." This theme grows out of the need for the faith-based community to adapt its work in the midst of economic and social change to meet humanitarian needs caused by disasters while maintaining CWS's traditional mission of serving the most vulnerable while practicing good stewardship. For more information, click here.