Thanksgiving Hope in the Midst of Suffering

One of the questions I hear the most is, “How do you remain hopeful when you so regularly witness such tremendous human need and suffering in the world?”  
My answer?  “For as many needs as there are in the world, I believe with all my heart that there are at least that many solutions.” 
Each of you is a solution.  Each of you is a response to human need.  Each of you is already a part of our movement of courageous compassion as we, together, share our resources and change lives.  For you are your best offering. 
I remain hopeful because of each of you.  I remain hopeful because of the seemingly invincible women, children, and men who--day in and day out--wake up yet another day even though they’re not sure how they’ll survive.  But get up they do, to do their best to feed the kids and work the land and fetch the water and grow the crops and love one another abundantly despite the lack all around them.  I remain hopeful because of the partnership we share with people all over the world who receive hope and another day to live, thanks to our generosity, faith, and compassion. 
For that hope I give boundless thanks. To you.  To all those in need whom we accompany. 
And I give all the honor, glory, and gratitude to our Lord and Savior, Jesus the Christ, who is Hope Incarnate. Praise be to God!