Christmas Wishes from Week of Compassion

The Birth of Hope.

This is what we celebrate on Christmas day.  A story filled with so many ordinary, familiar things.

Taxes to be paid.  Shepherds putting in more hours than they might like.  And a young family, ready to add one more, but with no reservation for a bed, and little to no money—squeezing into a barn, a cave, some humble lodging barely fit for animals, much less people.

Humble. Poor.  Hunkering down, desperate for a place to stay.  This is the family we remember on this day, one of the most holy in the Christian calendar.

But we remember, too, this story as one of God’s generosity, God’s peace, God’s hope.

We see God in the borning cry, twinkling eyes, and sleepy sounds of a child.  In the midst of uncertainty, God generously brings hope into the world, and God invites us into a life of hope, generosity, and peace-making.

Over the course of 2011, we at Week of Compassion have been so blessed to witness how you have chosen to live lives of generosity and peace-making.  We have seen your gifts support those recovering from disasters across the United States:  Spring storms and flooding, tornados, fires.  We have partnered with you to help with tsunami recovery in Japan and to provide relief to a record-breaking famine across the Horn of Africa.  We have witnessed your generous support of small-scale farmers and entrepreneurs, and we have seen you bring new sources of water and food to the hungry and vulnerable.

We have seen your hope intertwine with God’s hope—and we have seen your generosity reflect that of a God who continues to fill the world with grace.

This Christmas, we give thanks for each of you, your partnership, and the hope that is re-born in our hearts each day.  You are precious gifts, turning the ordinary into the extraordinary.  Thank you.

Updated Joplin Registration Information

For those of you interested in volunteering in Joplin, we are pleased to provide you with updated contact information for the registrar.  We apologize for any confusion or inconvenience:

Registrar: Howard Self, UCC/DOC Disaster Ministries' Registrar (Joplin Response)


     phone: c) 618-318-2445