As the New Year Approaches

Amy often reminds us all that we are our best offering.

As I think back over 2011, I can’t help but agree.

Each of you, through incredible generosity, has brought relief to someone in what many have called a record breaking year for domestic disasters.  There are mission stations filling up for summer work trips in Joplin, MO, and Tuscaloosa, AL, home repairs happening in North Carolina and Virginia, and people who had their basic needs met—all because of what you offered.

Each of you has contributed to the steps being made in communities in Haiti, as they work to rebuild their country and renew one another’s hopes.

Each of you has been part of a response to an almost unimaginable humanitarian crisis in the Horn of Africa.

Each of you has responded.  Each of you has offered your resources, your hope, and you have offered you.

You made Week of Compassion an effective, efficient, life-changing ministry in 2011.

Imagine what we will do together in 2012.

In peace,