Disciples Women in the Congo Organize a Service of Compassion

What an incredible story of generosity, faith, and partnership! Don’t miss reading this!

Resource Development Minister Begins Service

We are pleased to announce that the Rev. Johnny Wray, former Director of Week of Compassion (1992 – 2008), has been named Resource Development Minister for WoC. This newly created part-time position will focus on building up the Week of Compassion Endowment Fund within the Christian Church Foundation, nurturing relationships with current donors with established named funds, and securing major gifts. With a long-term vision for our future together, Week of Compassion is committed to accompanying both givers and receivers as we work to make the world a more equitable place for all. If you are interested in establishing a named permanent fund that will benefit “the least of these” through Week of Compassion, please contact Johnny at jwray@woc.disciples.org. Welcome back, Johnny!

Clean-Up Buckets Needed

Looking for an easy and fun hands-on outreach project? All predictions indicate that this spring will bring with it significant flooding, particularly in the upper Midwest. The Red River Valley and the upper Mississippi River will rise with a high probability of major flooding. As a proactive measure, we are asking our Disciples congregations and friends to assemble Clean-Up Buckets for Church World Service. As of this week, the CWS warehouse in New Windsor, MD, is extremely low. For us to be as prepared as possible in the case of severe flooding this spring, we humbly ask you to consider putting buckets together. For detailed instructions, please visit here. Thank you in advance!

Wildfires Blaze West Texas

Wildfires have blazed across the western counties of Texas for the past several days, burning more than 130,000 acres of land, according to the latest CNN reports. As of today, we have no reports of any needs among our Disciples communities. Along with the Southwest Regional Office and Area Ministries, Week of Compassion will continue to monitor the situation.

Thank You! 

We celebrated the actual Week of Compassion, Feb. 20-27, 2011, the past two Sundays. We sincerely thank all of you for your ongoing generosity and partnership. As you know, Week of Compassion’s effectiveness depends on our partnerships. There is no more important partner than you and our local congregations. You make WoC what it is. The gifts and offerings received during our special offering season allow us to respond to humanitarian disasters, emergencies, and sustainable development needs throughout the entire year. Thanks to you, we are prepared to respond with compassion and love to those who suffer and are in need. Thank YOU, and thanks be to God! 

What is Your WoC Testimony? 

Do you have a WoC testimony to share? Do you know of someone who has left a legacy of compassion? We have received wonderful feedback from last week’s updates featuring WoC testimonies from Dr. Lon Oliver; Amanda and Matt Harders and their children, Bailey, Hannah, and Holly Lauren; and the Rev. John Trefzger. If you have a WoC story you would like to share, please do so! Send them to us by replying to this e-mail or writing to ecleveland@woc.disciples.org. Thank you for sharing your story of how participating in Week of Compassion has brought you joy! 

Responses Made 2/21-3/3/11

Disaster Relief and Emergency Assistance

Mexico, assistance to pastor's family
Tanzania, bomb explosion
New Zealand, earthquake
Cambodia/Thailand, aid to displaced
Oklahoma, fire damage
Virginia, fire damage

Development and Long-Term Recovery

Colombia, food security
California, food security
Virginia, food security for infants and toddlers
Great River Region, pastoral care

For the full listing of responses made to date in 2011, click here.