Refugee Crisis on the Libyan Border

Photo credit: ACT/Church of Sweden/Sarah Harrison 

Through our monitoring partners in the ACT Alliance, Week of Compassion is keeping abreast of the refugee situation in Libya. ACT has sent an assessment team to the Tunisia-Libya border area where many thousands are fleeing the violence in Libya. The team is cataloging needs that are not being covered by other agencies already in the field, and hopes to offer a coordinated alliance response based upon the information gathered on the ground.

Currently, a high priority is assisting migrant workers inside Libya, as well as those on the borders, who wish to leave to return to their countries of origin. As of March 3, 91,000 people are reported to have crossed into Tunisia, approximately 80,000 to Egypt and 2,500 to Niger. Most people are migrant workers from Egypt, Pakistan, Sudan, Bangladesh and other countries. However, as fighting continues in Libya, more people – including many Libyans - will be trying to leave the country.

The humanitarian situation remains extremely worrying; the displaced populations face needs ranging from material to psychosocial. Week of Compassion will continue to monitor the situation through the ACT Alliance and will respond as soon as an appeal is issued.

Photographs from the border are available here.

Storms across the Southeast

We are currently monitoring storms across the Southeast. Severe weather, including tornadoes, is expected across Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama. We have been in touch with our regional offices and will respond as needed.

Should you wish to respond to needs emerging out of Libya or weather across the United States, please donate here.

Scholarships Available for Bread for the World National Gathering 2011: Changing the Politics of Hunger

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At the beginning of this Lenten Season of reflection, we pray for the hope that can emerge from sacrifice and the stillness that leads to renewal. As always, we are grateful for your partnership and the many ways you help us respond to needs around the world and in our own backyards.