Come, Y'all! Week of Compassion at General Assembly

We hope to see many of you at General Assembly in Nashville! If you’ve never been to Nashville, prepare to be delighted! Nashville is a dynamic, diverse, and vibrant community. Because it is the Music City, Week of Compassion is excited to host our event at the beautiful Country Music Hall of Fame. Trust us: even if you are not a country music fan, you will fall in love with this museum! It is an extraordinary and unique expression of our country’s history through music. If you were to come as a tourist to Nashville and were to buy a ticket to the Hall of Fame, you’d pay between $22 and $30 for a ticket. But the tickets to our Week of Compassion Open House at the Hall of Fame are $25! So, come, experience the Country Music Hall of Fame and, at the same time, visit our Compassion Hall of Fame! You will have full access to the entire Hall of Fame! 

Learn more about all the work and ministry that YOU have enabled through Week of Compassion. Come and see and hear how you have supported the incredible work that we do each and every day:  responding to human need and suffering. Come and experience, as we have never shown before, the ways we are truly changing the world. We are making a difference. An impact. And we are doing so because of you, with you, and we do it together for the betterment of God’s precious world. 

So come, have some fun, take a trip down memory lane and listen to the soundtrack of so many of our lives at the Country Music Hall of Fame, and do so while supporting and celebrating the ministry we all share as Week of Compassion as you visit our Compassion Hall of Fame. This is an open house style event, so you can come and go as you please, before and after the benefit concert which will be held in the main plenary hall that same night. After that concert, you’ll be invited to come back to the Hall of Fame to listen to more music from our favorite Disciples musicians from Nashville:  Gabe Dixon, Andra Moran, and Craig Wiseman. And once you’ve bought a ticket to the Week of Compassion event, you’ll have access to the Hall of Fame any time between 5:30 and midnight! 

We’ll see you in Nashville! For tickets, click here.