Responding to Texas Wildfires

As wildfires continue to rage across Texas, Week of Compassion has been in touch with the Christian Church in the Southwest and is continuing to monitor how the wildfires are impacting communities in its path. 
We have communicated with the Southwest Regional Office, the Northeast and Bluebonnet Area Offices, and with our ecumenical partners at Church World Service, and can report the following:
  1. We stand ready to respond to any needs emerging from our congregations, whether those needs are evacuations, damage or destruction to houses, or other emerging issues affecting our congregations and their members.  Please be in touch with your Regional or Area Office to report needs, as Week of Compassion is coordinating our response through those offices.
  2. Our partners at Church World Service are currently on the ground assessing the impact of the wildfires in order to determine how best to coordinate a larger scale ecumenical response.  As soon as details emerge, Week of Compassion will work with Church World Service to respond.
  3. If you would like to reach out to those affected by the wildfires, you may do so online by partnering with Week of Compassion.  
Please keep all of those affected, in harm’s way, and all of those first responders on the front lines, in your prayers.
Thank you for care and concern as you respond with us.  We are beyond grateful for your Courageous Compassion.  
Thanks be to God for you all.