Coffee Cup Compassion

Tilt the scales,
O God of the mustard seed:
That the poor shall see justice.

Share the feast,
O God of Eden’s abundant garden:
That each crop may fetch a fair price. 

Upset the tables,
O God of the upside-down Kingdom:
That the least can benefit from their trade. 

Open our eyes,
O God of life in all its fullness:
That we may learn to walk the way of your son
tilting, sharing, upsetting this world 

Not satisfied
until the products we bring to our table
provide fairness to all who hunger for it.

In your holy name, Amen 

--A Prayer for Farmers adapted from the Fair Trade Foundation

     Photo Credit: Equal ExchangeDid you know that October is Fair Trade Month

Through Fair Trade, farmers are able to earn a fair price for the products they grow, allowing them to support their families, stay on their land and provide care for the environment.  Working in democratically-run co-operatives, small-scale farmers gain control of their own livelihoods and make strides together in organic agriculture and quality control.  With the added income from Fair Trade, farmers invest in education and social services for their communities. 

For several years, Week of Compassion has teamed with Equal Exchange, a worker-owned co-operative offering 100% fairly traded coffee, chocolate, tea, and foods, and Disciples Home Missions to support the Disciples Coffee Project, a fantastic opportunity for congregations to learn about authentic  fair trade, enjoy delicious fairly traded coffee, tea, and chocolate at wholesale prices, and make a difference for small farmer co-operatives around the world. Purchases through the Disciples Coffee project also support the work of Week of Compassion.  For every pound of Equal Exchange products you purchase, Equal Exchange donates 15 cents to Week of Compassion’s Disciples Food Security Fund.

Amy Kay Pavlovich, a Disciple from the Illinois-Wisconsin Region, recently represented Week of Compassion on a solidarity visit to farming cooperatives that partner with Equal Exchange.  If you missed her story in an earlier update, please check it out here.

Equal Exchange Products. Photo Credit: Equal ExchangeWe are grateful for the partnership we have with Equal Exchange, for the opportunities it gives our congregations to support small scale agriculture and food security all over the world, and for the relationships it helps to support through its cooperatives and the Disciples Coffee Project.  If you’re curious about Equal Exchange or want to know more about how to bring the Disciples Coffee Project to life in your congregation, visit the project website or connect with us for more information (

We hope you will consider serving Equal Exchange coffee at your congregation’s coffee hour, in your own home, and at the workplace.  It’s an easy and life-changing way to make a real difference in the world. 

Thanks for your courageous compassion!  Compassion begins in our coffee cups! 






This Week's Responses

Disaster Relief and Emergency Assistance
Appalachian Area, emergency heating assistance
DRCongo, storm damage recovery

Development and Long-Term Recovery
Guatemala, community development and interfaith dialogue for peace
Indonesia, empowering leaders of Christian Church of West Sulawesi