2012 Compassion Response Fund Quarterly Report

Week of Compassion is your Disciples relief, refugee and development mission fund. Thanks to you, we equip and empower disciples to alleviate the suffering of others through disaster response, humanitarian aid, sustainable development and the promotion of mission opportunities. Each quarter we strive to provide you with a brief report on all that you have helped us make possible through Week of Compassion. Today we send you our mid-year Compassion Response Fund Report for 2012.  

The Compassion Response Fund is an allocation the Week of Compassion Advisory Committee makes each year to enable WoC to respond immediately, effectively and efficiently to requests for emergencies, disasters and other urgent and unexpected needs that arise. For 2012 the WoC Committee has allocated $500,000 for the Compassion Response Fund; it is the single largest item in the WoC program budget. In addition to what is budgeted for the Response Fund, WoC receives designated gifts for the Fund and for specific disasters, countries and situations that further enhance our capacity to respond to emergency needs and appeals. Currently, WoC has made a disaster response an average of once every 2.5 days.

Below is a listing of grants from the Compassion Response Fund and other designated disaster response accounts. Contributions for the Response Fund are needed and welcomed and will be used 100% for emergency response to humanitarian needs in the world. During these difficult economic times, it is the vulnerable, the poor, the diseased and the hungry-those sisters and brothers WoC serves and accompanies-who feel the most impact. Thus, it is with great joy we share with you, our partners in this compassionate and critical ministry, the following report. And we thank you, once again, for your courageous compassion.

$10,000 - South Sudan emergency relief
$5,000 - Mauritania food security
$12,000 - Sudan/Darfur humanitarian response
$4,250 - Democratic Republic of the Congo malaria epidemic
$2,000 - Congo Brazzaville emergency relief
$12,000 - South Sudan humanitarian relief and conflict resolution in Jonglei
$25,000 - Sierra Leone and Liberia rural development
$15,000 - DRCongo severe storms in Mbandaka
$10,000 - Sahel (West Africa) food crisis
$12,000 - Burkina Faso food crisis
$5,000 - Cyclone Giovanna and Tropical Storm Irina in Madagascar
$12,000 - Kenya election preparedness
$10,000 - Assistance to Sudanese refugees in Ethiopia
$403 - Zimbabwe children’s education

East Asia and Pacific:
$12,586 - PhilippinesTropical Storm Sendong
$2,500 - Philippines earthquake
$2,500 - Philippines landslide

Latin America and the Caribbean:
$2,500 - Haiti emergency food distribution in the bateyes  
$25,000 - Haiti post-trauma resilience training

Middle East and Europe:
$12,000 - Syria humanitarian crisis
$12,000 - Lebanon medical support for Iraqi refugees
$9,000 - Syria, Lebanon, and Egypt, humanitarian crisis
$10,000 - Syria humanitarian aid in Homs
$12,000 - Eastern European severe weather
$2,500 - Gaza Ahli Hospital
$10,000 - Syria emergency response

Southern Asia:
$15,000 - Thai/Burma refugee support on border
$5,000 - Thailand flood recovery
$5,000 - India earthquake in Sikkim
$5000 - Pakistan rehabilitation for flood affected in Sindh

2012 Rapid Response Fund

- Mozambique cyclones
- Water support to Congolese refugees in Rwanwanja, Uganda
- Landslides and floods in Bulambuli District, Uganda
- Water, sanitation and shelter assistance to the displaced in North Kivu Province
- Assistance to Sudanese refugees arriving in Kakuma Camp, Kenya
- Cold snap and severe snow fall in Romania
- Angolan returnees from DRCongo

$500 - Ohio, emergency assistance
$1,000 - Missouri, fire damage
$750 - West Virginia, house fire
$1,000 - Iowa, food security for children      
$5,000 - Virginia, infants emergency pantry
$1,300 - Texas, emergency refugee assistance
$500 - Ohio, emergency refugee assistance
$200 - North Carolina, solidarity grant for family of shooting victim
$1,500 - Pennsylvania, emergency refugee assistance
$1,000 - Pennsylvania, emergency food assistance
$1,000 - Texas, severe storm damage, Juliette Fowler Homes
$2250 - Tennessee, emergency refugee assistance       
$25,000 - Missouri, tornado recovery
$6,100 - Missouri, flood recovery
$600 - Long-Term volunteer training
$10,000 - severe storms and tornadoes across North America
$1,000 - Kentucky, tornado response volunteer efforts
$750 - Indiana, tornado damage in Henryville
$1,150 - Indiana, tornado damage
$1,500 - Kentucky, tornado damage
$2,000 - Missouri, tornado damage
$500 - Tennessee, tornado damage
$800 - Indiana, tornado damage
$250 - Indiana, tornado damage
$1,000 - Missouri, tornado damage
$5,358 - Church World Service Blankets + Program
$3,500 - Missouri, flood damage
$5,150 - Ohio, flood damage
$1,000 - North Carolina, tornado damage
$1,000 - Texas, tornado damage
$1,000 - Kansas, tornado damage
$3,750 - Oklahoma, tornado damage
$750 - Oklahoma, tornado damage
$400 - Kansas, tornado damage
$450 - Ohio, flood damage
$10,000 - Joplin, Missouri Long Term Recovery Committee
$1,900 - Iowa, tornado damage
$10,000 - Joplin, Missouri, tornado recovery
$1,000 - Missouri, flood damage
$1,500 - Alabama, mission station support, tornado recovery
$5,000 - Kentucky, tornado recovery
$750 - Colorado, wildfire relief
$2000 - Missouri, tornado recovery
$2700 - Kentucky, tornado response in Eastern KY
$3090 - Colorado, wildfire recovery