Making a Difference in Darfur

It hardly seems possible.  For ten years now, Week of Compassion has been reaching out to the hundreds of thousands of Sudanese living in need in the region of Darfur.  Through the ACT Alliance, WoC has been able to faithfully channel our resources to those most in need—providing shelter, food aid, water, health care, educational resources, and even recreational items for children living in refugee camps.  The implementing ACT partner organization is Norwegian Church Aid, who has been tirelessly engaged in Darfur since the beginning of the humanitarian crisis.  Because of the enormity of the situation, ACT has also partnered with the Catholic humanitarian organization, Caritas, so that we, together, could make an even greater impact.  This year marks a decade of ACT-Caritas funding for the Norwegian Church Aid program in Darfur, one of the largest of its kind in the Sudanese region, which aims to assist nearly 500,000 people at about US$10 million this year alone. Week of Compassion gifts are a part of this ongoing work in what remains, sadly, one of the most desperate places on earth. 

We have made great progress, however.  As an ecumenical body of humanitarian actors working together to meet the needs of our sisters and brothers in Darfur, we have made significant strides in improving the quality of life for them.  We invite you to journey with us to Darfur, to meet those your Week of Compassion offerings have been assisting.  Look at their faces. Notice their names.  Read their stories.  Know that your compassion and generosity have made a difference. 

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As we know so well, no matter where in the world there is someone in need, as Christ’s body on earth, we all hurt.  When even one member of that body suffers, we all suffer.  But when even one is honored and remembered, we can all rejoice with that one member.  As we commemorate ten years of work in Darfur this year, please know how grateful we are for your partnership, faithfulness, and compassion.  Let us keep our Sudanese sisters and brothers in our prayers.  And let us continue to let them know that we have not—and will not—forget them. 

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