Week of Compassion and the Week That Was

Last week’s news was filled with reports of disasters. From flooding across a couple of Midwestern states to explosions in Texas and Boston to Friday’s report of a devastating earthquake in China, it seemed like one couldn’t turn on the news without another report of tragedy.

As always, the faithful support of congregations and individuals across North America and the faithful partnership of our partners both here and around the globe have allowed Week of Compassion to respond.

Week of Compassion has been in touch with the Northeast Region and several ecumenical partners to see if there are needs emerging as a result of the Boston Marathon explosion. Likewise, we are currently working with the Southwest Region and Central Christian Church, Waco, Texas, to respond to needs emerging from last week’s explosion at a fertilizer plant in West, Texas. In addition, we will continue to monitor the situation so that we might support long-term recovery efforts in West.

We have also responded to churches and church members affected by flood damage in Indiana and Illinois, and through our partners in Global Ministries, to needs emerging from a devastating earthquake, measuring 6.6 on the Richter scale, that rattled the Sichuan region in western China on Friday.

If you would like to help bring comfort to communities facing tragedy, be part of relief efforts all over the world, and join our movement of Courageous Compassion, click here.

Thank you for all the ways you have expressed concern over the past week. Your care, hope, and commitment inspire and effect change all over the world.

This Week’s Responses:


Disaster Relief and Emergency Assistance:

Illinois-Wisconsin, Flood Response (12)

Southwest Region, Relief Efforts in West, Texas

China, Earthquake Relief

Indiana, Flood Damage (2)