Responding in Oklahoma and Relief and Recovery Webinar

The Response Continues in Oklahoma

Photo Credit: FEMA/Andrea Booher

Thanks to your gifts and generosity, Week of Compassion immediately responded to the tornadoes that struck the Oklahoma City metropolitan area on Sunday and Monday. We are in regular contact with the Oklahoma Regional Office and are working with Disciples Volunteering to assess needs affecting Disciples and the wider community. Initial solidarity grants supporting Disciples who have lost their homes or sustained significant damage have been delivered as a sign of care on behalf of the entire church. We are also supporting Church World Service's emergency response efforts to deliver material resources and the develop Long Term Recovery Teams.

Currently, only first-responders are permitted to enter affected areas. We encourage you to pray, pay, and stay: pray for those affected, contribute to immediate needs by reaching out through Week of Compassion, and stay where you are. The time for volunteers will come, but it is not today! In our deep desire to help and reach out to those in such great need, we strive always to help in ways that are most supportive, effective, and efficient.

We cannot thank you enough for your faithful stewardship, gifts, trust, and partnership. For the most up-to-date information about our response, please continue to check in on our website and via Facebook and Twitter.

Webinar on Disaster Relief and Recovery

In the wake of the Oklahoma Tornados, plenty of questions have emerged concerning how communities affected by disaster respond and recover. On Tuesday, June 4, at 2 pm EST, Church World Service (CWS) Emergency Response Specialists will present key organizations and people that play a significant role from preparedness to long-term recovery. This webinar will also be a great way for participants to network, learn, and share their own experience and expertise. Register by clicking here.

This Week’s Responses:

Disaster Relief and Emergency Assistance:
Oklahoma, Tornado Damage (16)
North America, 2013 Tornadoes
Development and Long Term Recovery and Rehabilitation:
West Africa, Food Security
New York, Poverty Reduction
Bosnia and Herzegovina, Women’s Income Generation Project
Bolivia, Empowering Guarani Youth
Georgia, Vocational and Educational Opportunities for Youth
Uganda, Karamoja Education and Youth Empowerment
Serbia, Roma Women’s Empowerment
Georgia, Children and Youth Development
Kenya, School Safe Zone
Vietnam, Cleaner Villages
Ghana, Environmental Climate Change
Swaziland, Food Security
Ghana, Domestic and Gender Based Violence
South Africa, Girl's Empowerment
Ecuador, Community Development
Sierra Leone, Enhancing Welfare for Children
Middle East, Muslim/Christian Dialogue
Laos, Community Development
Tanzania, Combatting Burkitts Lymphoma