Fires in Colorado, Oklahoma and Texas Update, and Celebrating at General Assembly

Wildfires in Colorado

Week of Compassion is continuing to monitor the wildfires that are raging in Colorado.  About 9,000 people in more than 3,400 households covering a 55 square mile area have been evacuated.  We are in touch with the Regional Office and with pastors in the affected areas, and will respond as needs emerge. We urge you to keep the communities impacted by the fire in your prayers.  As the fires subside and more information emerges about needs, we will respond, as needed.

Responding in Oklahoma and Texas

Over the last two weeks, Week of Compassion and Disciples Volunteering staff members have made pastoral visits to communities impacted by several headline-making disasters:  the greater Oklahoma City area, struck by a series of tornados in May; West, Texas, site of a chemical explosion; and the towns of Cleburne and Granbury, impacted by tornados, as well.  We were able to meet with local pastors, tour impacted areas, and discuss opportunities for collaboration with our partners in the United Church of Christ National Disaster Ministry.  In some communities, we were able to make contact with local long-term recovery committees, representatives of FEMA, and other agencies and organizations involved in long-term recovery. 


While recovery is not an overnight process, it was heartening to see how quickly churches and communities were organizing around the long-term recovery process.  Week of Compassion and Disciples Volunteering are continuing to strategize around the needs of these communities and will continue to keep you informed as to how we are working to partner with you to put our Compassion into Action.

Sharing Brings Joy! Week of Compassion Worship Celebration at General Assembly

Week of Compassion would like to invite you to a special Sunday morning worship service at Pershing Avenue Christian Church in Orlando, Florida. We will celebrate the ways your gifts enable Week of Compassion to support partners from all over the world to live into Christ's compassion for the vulnerable, the hurting, and the otherwise forgotten.

Our friends at Green Chalice and Equal Exchange are also partnering with us to host a Fair Trade Coffee Hour with delicious fair trade coffee and tea from our very own Disciples Coffee Project. Worship begins at 8:30 am on July 14th. Pershing Avenue Christian Church is located on 2000 Pershing Ave in Orlando. Shuttle buses will provide transportation between the church and the convention center. More details are available here.

This event is free but tickets are required. Tickets are available through online registration. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our office, or (317) 713-2442. We look forward to meeting you in Orlando, where we will worship, celebrate, and share joy together!

Thanks be to God, the one who gives birth to hope and who brings healing to the hurting!


This Week's Responses:

Disaster Relief and Emergency Assistance:
Missouri, Tornado Relief (2)
Oklahoma, Tornado Relief (29)