Compassion in Action: 2nd Quarter Report 2013

The Compassion in Action Fund is an allocation the Week of Compassion Advisory Committee makes each year to enable WoC to respond quickly to requests for emergencies, disasters and other urgent and unexpected needs that arise. It also enables WoC to respond to on-going, long-term needs such as chronic hunger and poverty, water and sanitation, education, and medical assistance.  For 2013 the WoC Committee has allocated $750,000 for the Compassion in Action Fund; it is the single largest item in the WoC program budget. In addition to what is budgeted for this fund, WoC receives designated gifts for the fund and for specific disasters, sustainable development appeals, and countries and situations that further enhance our capacity to respond to emergency and long-term needs.

Below is a brief report of grants made from the Compassion in Action Fund and other designated response accounts through July 22, 2013. Contributions for the Compassion in Action Fund are needed and welcomed and will be used 100% for humanitarian needs in the world.

Disaster Relief and Emergency Assistance 2013

New York, Hurricane Recovery
Oklahoma, House Fire
Missouri, Long-term Flood Recovery
Texas, Emergency Assistance for Refugee Family
Serbia, Improving Access to Safe Drinking Water
Malawi, Flooding and Windstorms Assistance
Solomon Islands, Earthquake and Tsunami Assistance
Syria, Humanitarian Crisis
Somalia, Humanitarian Support for Somali Refugees
Sudan, Darfur, Humanitarian Assistance
Democratic Republic of Congo, Assistance to Internally Displaced People
California, Vandalism to First Christian Church Oakland and Oakland Peace Center
Mississippi, Tornado Relief
Mozambique, Flooding
Sri Lanka, Flooding
Missouri, Kansas City Gas Explosion
Mozambique, Flooding
Indiana, House Fire
Alabama, Storm Damage
Mali, Conflict Affected
Armenia, Syrian Refugees
United States, Early 2013 Storms, Floods and Tornadoes
Taiwan, Earthquake Relief Work
Kentucky, Church Fire
Madagascar, Tropical Cyclone "Haruna" Relief
Ghana, Severe Rain Storm Relief
Haiti, Villier Family Emergency
Thailand, Thai-Burma Border Refugee Camp Fire
Palestine, Palestinian Refugee Relief
West Virginia, Church Vandalism
Indonesia, Rokatenda Volcano Eruption
Oregon, Emergency Refugee Assistance
Illinois-Wisconsin, Flood Response (12)
Southwest Region, Relief Efforts in West, Texas
China, Earthquake Relief
Indiana, Flood Damage (2)
United States, Early 2013 Storms, Floods and Tornadoes
Illinois-Wisconsin, Flood Damage (3)
China, Earthquake Relief (2)
Oregon, Emergency Food Security Needs
Pakistan-Iran, Earthquake Relief
New York, House Fire
Tennessee, Flood Damage Pakistan, Displacement
NAPAD, Emergency Request
Indiana, Flood Assistance (2) Jordan, Syrian Refugees
Ohio, Emergency Refugee Assistance
Texas, Tornado Damage (11)
Oklahoma, Tornado Damage (16)
North America, 2013 Tornadoes
Oklahoma, Tornado Damage (2)
Missouri, Tornado Relief (2) 
Oklahoma, Tornado Relief (29)
Missouri, Tornado Damage
Kenya, Refugee Assistance
Illinois, Flood Damage
Colorado, Wildfires
Virginia, Windstorm Damage
New York, Hurricane Sandy Damage (2)
Lebanon, Refugee Medical Support
Minnesota, Emergency Refugee Assistance
Mauritania, Refugee Assistance
New York, Hurricane Sandy Damage (3)
Texas, Church Theft/Vandalism
Chicago, Emergency Refugee Assistance
Illinois, Flood Damage (2)

Development and Long-Term Recovery and Rehabilitation 2013

Syria, Refugee Assistance
Texas, Support of Long-Term Recovery Work for Hurricane Sandy Relief
Hurricane Isaac and US Summer Storms 2012 Assistance
Florida, Support of the Coalition of Immokalee Farmworkers
Lafayette, Indiana Growing Project, Foods Resource Bank
Balkans, Peacebuilding and Development
Chad, Sustainable Recovery
Mississippi, Solidarity Grant
Haiti, Trauma Recovery
Haiti, Recovery and Long-Term Development
Haiti, CONASPEH Projects
Indiana, Greater Indianapolis Disciples Area Association Habitat Team
West Africa, Food Security
New York, Poverty Reduction
Bosnia and Herzegovina, Women’s Income Generation Project
Bolivia, Empowering Guarani Youth
Georgia, Vocational and Educational Opportunities for Youth
Uganda, Karamoja Education and Youth Empowerment
Serbia, Roma Women’s Empowerment
Georgia, Children and Youth Development
Kenya, School Safe Zone
Vietnam, Cleaner Villages
Ghana, Environmental Climate Change
Swaziland, Food Security
Ghana, Domestic and Gender Based Violence
South Africa, Girl's Empowerment
Ecuador, Community Development
Sierra Leone, Enhancing Welfare for Children
Middle East, Muslim/Christian Dialogue
Laos, Community Development
Tanzania, Combatting Burkitts Lymphoma
Palestine, Peacebuilding
Cambodia, Food Security
Honduras, Food Security
Nicaragua, Food Security
Uganda, Food Security
Timor, Food Security