Mission Opportunity in Joplin and a New Resource for Congregations

Disciples/UCC House Build in Joplin!

Join South Joplin Christian Church in Joplin, MO this fall during the months of September and October to work on building a special project: a Disciples/UCC sponsored house.  Volunteers will begin their work after the foundation and framing are done and we will work until the house is finished.  This will be the primary project for Disciples and UCC volunteers in Joplin during these months, although some volunteers may assist other projects.

For those who plan to register for a week, you are invited to register through Disciples Volunteering

If you would like to come for a few days, you are invited to join other Disciples and UCCers during the week of September 22 by registering with Pastor Kathryn Wilson at 417- 624-2522 or getting a registration form at www.southjoplindisciples.org.

For other questions, call Pastor Kathryn at 417-624-2522.

Help and Hope: Disaster Preparedness and Response Tools for Congregations 
Available Spring 2014

“Help and Hope is an indispensable tool for faith communities to prepare for the critical role they can play when disasters impact their community. This resource is just what the relief and emergency response field has been missing and what North American communities of faith have needed. At last, an accessible book providing important guidance on how to be an asset rather than an obstacle when assisting those who have been affected by disaster.”  - from the Foreword by Donna J. Derr, Development and Humanitarian Assistance Director, Church World Service

Joplin, Aurora, New York/New Jersey, Newtown. Whether the disaster is natural or created by humans, churches respond by providing sanctuary, hope, and practical aid. Pulled from accounts of lay persons, disaster response professionals, and “pastors in disasters,” Help and Hope provides practical applications for non-professionals and volunteers from faith communities who want to help prepare for and respond to disasters.

Edited by Week of Compassion’s Amy Gopp and Brandon Gilvin and produced in cooperation with Church World Service, this book is designed with utility in mind, with quick reference tabs, checklists, and space for your own notes. Help and Hope prepares you to be, literally, the shelter from the storm.

Available for $16.99, copies can be pre-ordered by contacting Chalice Press.

This week’s responses:
Disaster Relief and Emergency Assistance

Nicaragua, Flood Relie
Cameroon, Refugee Assistance