Your Compassion in Action: The 2014 Third Quarter Report

Week of Compassion is your Disciples' disaster relief, refugee resettlement, and sustainable development mission fund. We work in partnership with you and with partners to respond to critical needs in North America and around the world.

Each quarter we provide you with a brief report documenting the many places and situations to which you have helped us respond. These reports can only represent in part the extent of the work that we do. Your generosity to Week of Compassion impacts thousands of lives.

We are grateful for you, your partnership, your generosity, and your willingness to share your resources so that families and communities can work towards building a stronger, more peaceful world.  Thank you.

To put your compassion into action, join us here.


Cameroon, Refugee Relief
Kenya, Conflict Survivors
Liberia, Food Security
Sierra Leone, Ebola Outbreak Response (2)

East Asia and the Pacific
China, Earthquake Relief (2)
Nepal, Landslide Relief
Philippines, Typhoon Assistance 
Philippines, Typhoon Relief 
Philippines, Typhoon Recovery

Latin America and the Caribbean
El Salvador, Coffee Rust Response
Guatemala, Coffee Rust Response
Honduras, Children Resettlement

Middle East and Europe
Gaza and West Bank, Emergency Medical Support
Gaza, Emergency Response
Iraq, Displaced People Assistance (2)
Romania, Flood Relief
Syria, Humanitarian Intervention

North America
Arizona, Flood Relief
California, Drought Relief
California, Earthquake Damage 
California, Fire Relief
Colorado, Flood Recovery (2)
Colorado, Mission Station Assistance
Iowa, Storm Damage
Michigan, Flood Damage (3)
Mississippi, Tornado Damage

Missouri, Storm Damage
Nebraska, Emergency Assistance
North America, U.S. Storm Relief 
North America, Refugee Emergency Assistance (2)
Oklahoma, Long-Term Tornado Recovery
Pennsylvania, Church Water Damage
Tennessee, Hunger/Food Security
Texas, Unaccompanied Children Support
Texas, Flood Relief
U.S. Border, Unaccompanied Children Crisis (2)
Virginia, Food Security
Virginia, Refugee Resettlement (2)
Washington, Mudslide Response
West Virginia, Food Insecurity

Southern Asia
Bangladesh, Flood Relief
India, Flood Relief
Pakistan, Flood Relief


Africa, Hunger/Food Security

Latin America and Caribbean
Bolivia, Food Security
Colombia, Ecumenical Capacity Building
Haiti, Food Security

North America
Colorado, Long-Term Flood Recovery
Missouri, Long-Term Tornado Recovery

New Jersey, Hurricane Sandy Recovery