Grateful for Compassion

As the "official" Week of Compassion offering season draws to a close, we give thanks for the hundreds upon hundreds of congregations across the United States and Canada for their support of Disciples compassionate work and witness throughout the world. We rejoicein the several reports we are receiving of strong offerings from congregations and are posting those stories on the WoC Facebook page.  In the meanwhile, we are concerned about the overall impact of this year's severe winter weather on giving as throughout the month of

February and early March many congregations had to cancel worship or saw diminished attendance because of the snow, ice and bitter, freezing cold -  right when so many of our churches celebrate their partnership with WoC. Unfortunately, there has been no "freeze" on the violence in Syria, Congo and South Sudan; no "freeze" on hunger in the Horn of Africa and Haiti; no "freeze" on typhoon recovery work in the Philippines or tornado recovery work in the Midwest; no "freeze" on the needs of farmers in Honduras battling coffee rust or farmers in Zimbabwe needing water for their crops. One could go on. . . .

Please remember that gifts can be made to Week of Compassion any time during the year through your congregation, and gifts that are made directly to Week of Compassion - either by mail or online - can easily be credited to your congregation as well. 

We are gratefully for your generosity and compassion, and you can be sure that many, many more will be also.  Lententide blessings. 

Johnny Wray, Interim Executive Director


The full job description including desired qualities is available here. Applications will be accepted through March 16, 2014.  Questions regarding the Week of Compassion Search may be directed to Dr. William Lee, Search Committee Chair, c/o Beth Sullivan at

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Disaster Relief and Emergency Assistance
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