Wine to Share, Water For All: A Dispatch from Springfield, Missouri

Rev. Caleb Lines, Rev. Emily Bowen-Marler, Rev. Jenn Simmons and Rev. Geoff Weinman serve Disciples churches in Springfield, Missouri.  In February, they worked with their congregations to organize a “Wine to Share, Water for All” event, supporting water projects through our partners at Church World Service (CWS).  For more information about how you might organize your own event, check out these recommendations.

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“Aren’t we supposed to be turning water into wine?  Isn’t it the other way around?”  This was a common question asked by several of those introduced to the concept of turning wine into water. As the twenty/thirty-something pastors shared about the idea of a fun evening out with friends tasting wine while making a difference in our world, people were skeptical--at first.  The more people learned about the event, the more people were fascinated and excited to be a part.

Four Disciples churches in the Springfield, MO area (Brentwood Christian Church, Central Christian Church, National Avenue Christian Church, and South Street Christian Church) came together on February 22 to sponsor a wine tasting event and silent auction. The hope of the churches was to promote community and support global water projects through the work of Week of Compassion.  The vision of the pastors was to pull together resources, the strengths and talents of congregations, and stand together to support this important cause. Partnering with a local business and host, Vino Cellars, provided a fantastic venue for the event.

While preparing for the event, the clergy shared information concerning water issues with their congregations and the wider community.  People had the opportunity to learn about wells, cisterns, sand dams, clean water delivery and hygiene systems in East Africa.  Clean water projects make a difference in communities and the lives of individuals.  They celebrated and gave thanks for the work Week of Compassion and their partnerships, especially with CWS.

Many remarked how much fun it was to get out for a date night, meet other Disciples from other congregations, learn about the needs for clean water and ways we can contribute, and support the work of Week of Compassion.  As the night ended, people raised their glasses and asked, “Are we going to turn wine into water again next year?”  


World Water Day, March 22, is right around the corner! Join Glennon Doyle Melton of Momastery and CWS water experts as they talk about what access to safe, clean water means to mothers and families around the world and how we can ALL help. RSVP here to join the conversation.    


Week of Compassion recently responded to the needs of Disciples affected by a gas explosion in New York City and a fire at South Austin Christian Church in Austin, Texas.  Whether large or small, when disasters occur, Week of Compassion stands ready to respond.

As we respond, we are grateful for your partnership.  Your generosity is what makes our ministry work!  If you want to put your Compassion into Action, consider a gift to Week of Compassion.

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