First Quarter Responses: Putting Your Compassion into Action!

The Compassion in Action Fund is the largest single item in the Week of Compassion program budget and from this fund WoC is able to make immediate grants for disasters and emergencies as well as respond to requests from various Disciples and ecumenical partners  as human needs arise in North America and throughout the world.  Below is a list of responses made from the Compassion in Action Fund (along with specific designated accounts) during the first quarter of 2014.  We are grateful for the support and partnership of so many Disciples congregations, members and friends whose generosity and concern enable this ministry of compassion to continue around the world, around the year.

Burundi, Flood Relief
Chad, Refugee Assistance
Democratic Republic of Congo, Refugee Assistance
Ethiopia, Refugee Assistance (2)
Kenya, Refugee Assistance
Namibia, Drought Relief
South Sudan, Conflict
South Sudan, Public Health/Health Care Support
South Sudan, Refugee Support
Sudan, Refugee Support 
Uganda, Refugee Assistance (2)

East Asia and the Pacific
Nepal, Cold Wave Relief
Philippines, Typhoon Assistance
Philippines, Typhoon Relief
Philippines, Typhoon Recovery (2) 

Latin America and the Caribbean
El Salvador, Volcano Relief
Honduras, Coffee Rust Assistance

Middle East and Europe
Jordan, Syrian Refugee Support (2)
Syria, IDP and Refugee Support (3)

North America
California, Emergency Refugee Assistance 
Colorado, Flood Recovery
Georgia, Emergency Refugee Assistance
Georgia, Winter Storm Damage(5)
Indiana, Winter Storm Damage (2)
Kentucky, Water Damage
Missouri, House Fire
New Jersey, Storm Response (2)
New York, Storm Response (4)
New York, Gasoline Explosion Support (6)
Oklahoma, Church Flood Damage
Oklahoma, Long-Term Tornado Recovery
Oklahoma, Tornado Damage (2)
Pennsylvania, Church Water Damage
South Carolina, Winter Storm Aid
Texas, Church Fire
Virginia, Church Fire
Virginia, Food Security
Washington, Mudslide Response
West Virginia, Chemical Spill Response

Democratic Republic of Congo, Skills Training and Micro-Industry
Liberia, Food Security and Literacy Programs

East Asia and the Pacific
North Korea, Food Security and Hunger Relief

Latin America and Carribean
Bolivia, Food Security
Ecuador, Education and Health Support
Haiti, Food Security 

Middle East and Europe
Bosnia, Interfaith Dialogue

North America
Mid America Region, Disaster Response Training Program
North America/United States, Ecumenical Poverty Initiative
Texas, Refugee Response (2)