Your Compassion in Action: Second Quarter Report

As your Disaster, Development, and Refugee Resettlement mission fund, Week of Compassion works in partnership with you and with organizations and ministries domestically and all over the world to respond to critical needs. 

We are grateful for the resources that allow us to respond to these needs, for the care that inspires your generosity, and for the ways you help us tell the stories of impact and partnership.

We thank you, and give thanks to the God who connects us all in making families, communities, and our entire world stronger, healthier, and more resilient. 

To put your compassion into action, join with us here.


2014 - 2nd Quarter Responses


Democratic Republic of Congo, Conflict and Displacement Assistance
Democratic Republic of Congo, Refugee Assistance (1)
Democratic Republic of Congo, Tornado Relief
Liberia, Public Health
Madagascar, Tropical Cyclone 
Nigeria, Displacement (2)
Republic of Congo, Refugee and IDP Relief (2)
Sierra Leone, Public Health
Tanzania, Flood Relief 

East Asia and the Pacific
China, Landslide Relief

Latin America and the Caribbean
Brazil, Flood Relief
Chile, Earthquake Support
Colombia, Flood Relief
Haiti, Earthquake Reconstruction
Haiti, Economic Development for Women/Earthquake Response
Haiti, Food Security/Earthquake Response
Haiti, Medicine and Safe Motherhood Kits/Earthquake Response
Nicaragua, Earthquake Relief (2)

Middle East and Europe
Afghanistan, Flood and Landslide Relief (2)
Armenia, Syrian Refugee Support
Israel - West Bank/Gaza, Vulnerable People
Lebanon, Syrian Refugee Assistance
Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Flood Relief
Syria, Humanitarian Intervention (3)

North America
Alabama, Flood Assistance
Alaska, Flood Relief
California, Earthquake Damage
Colorado, Flood Recovery (1)
Colorado, Tornado Relief and Recovery
Illinois, Tornado Relief
Indiana, Fire Relief
Iowa, Tornado Damage
Kansas, Shooting Victims Response
Kansas, Tornado Damage (3)
Michigan, Russia with Love Project
Minnesota, Flood Relief
Mississippi, Tornado Damage (6)
Missouri, Long-Term Tornado Recovery (2)
Missouri, Tornado Damage (8)
New York, Family Disaster Response
New York, Flood Assistance (15)
North America, U.S. Storm Relief (2)
North Carolina, Church Fire (2)
North Carolina, Tornado Damage (10)
Ohio, Tornado Relief
Oklahoma, Fire Relief
Oklahoma, Long-Term Tornado Recovery (1)
Oklahoma, Storm Damage (6) 
Tennessee, Fire Relief
Texas, Refugee Food Emergency
Texas, Fire Relief
Texas, Tornado Damage (2)
U.S./Mexican Border, Migrant Assistance
Virginia, Refugee Resettlement

Southern Asia
Sri Lanka, Flood Relief


Democratic Republic of Congo, Micro-Industry (2)
Egypt, Care of Abandoned Children
Egypt, Peace and Reconciliation Work 
Ghana, Support of Street Children
Kenya, Education and Sanitation for Children
Liberia, Ebola Education and Public Health
South Africa, Shelter for Girls
Zimbabwe, Clean Water Projects
Zimbabwe, Food Security
Zimbabwe, Water Access (2)

East Asia and the Pacific
North Korea, Food Security and Hunger Relief

Latin America and Caribbean
Haiti, Long-Term Recovery
Mexico, Indigenous Rights and Education
Peru, Sustainable Community Health

Middle East and Europe
Bosnia and Herzegovina, Women's Empowerment
Georgia, Vocational Training and Empowerment Opportunities for Youth
Serbia, Street Children Outreach
Serbia, Women's Empowerment

North America
Indiana, Home Build Sponsorship
Maryland, Children in Disaster Response
New Jersey, Hurricane Sandy Recovery (2)
New York, Domestic Anti-Poverty Work
Oklahoma, Food Security
Oklahoma, Tornado Recovery Mission Center and Mission Group Support
Tennessee, Food Security