Torrential monsoon rains this month have so far killed at least 264 people and injured 484 others in Punjab; Pakistani-administered Kashmir (Azad Jammu and Kashmir); and Gilgit Baltistan provinces.

Low-lying areas have been submerged in water, and electricity and transport systems remain badly affected. The floods have in some way affected 2,459,708 people, according to authorities. Rains and flooding are expected to continue in coming days and could affect as many as 3 million people.

Most families affected lack access to adequate food, shelter and drinking water. These factors increase the risk of waterborne diseases and other health concerns. Food, emergency shelters, immediate healthcare, water and sanitation and non-food items are priority needs in the affected areas, as are access to clean water and adequate healthcare.

Week of Compassion Response:

Week of Compassion partner, CWS,  is assisting 6,400 families: 2,000 families (some 14,800 people) with food for three months; 1,000 families (about 7,400 people) with non-food items; 400 families (some 2,960 people) with shelter kits; and 3,000 families (about 22,200 people) with health assistance. The response focuses on the districts of Bagh, Haveli, and Poonch in Azad Kashmir. 

Last week in Azad Kashmir, CWS health team began assisting affected families in Bagh District. The health assistance across five villages in Bagh District is being provided through a mobile health unit. The mobile health unit is located near a camp settlement making access to health services easy for the individuals who have lost their homes living in the camp and for those in the surrounding area. CWS is distributing food and non-food items and assisting 175 families (1,295 individuals) in Bagh District.

Week of Compassion continues to monitor the situation in additional parts of the country and in other affected regions. If you would like to put your Compassion into Action follow this link.


Last fall, northern Colorado was beset by record rainfall. More than 20,000 homes and 2,000 businesses were damaged or destroyed. A long winter delayed significant repairs to the state’s infrastructure as well as some debris removal, complicating early response efforts. Despite these challenges, communities have pulled together to plan and prepare for the long haul. Members from Disciples congregations in Weld, Boulder, and Larimer County have been engaged from the beginning.

While the headlines receded along with the floodwaters, the needs remain. All of the pieces necessary for a long-term response have come together and communities across northern Colorado are ready to receive folks from outside the area. Disciples Volunteering is pleased to partner with Week of Compassion, the Central Rocky Mountain Region of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), and First Christian Church, Loveland to establish a Mission Station in Loveland and enable mission teams to serve in the recovery. Work teams will be partnered with local response organizations, assisting people whose needs would otherwise go unmet. More information and registration for your mission team to serve in Colorado is available through Disciples Volunteering

This Week’s Responses:

Disaster Relief and Emergency Assistance
India, Flood Relief
Pakistan, Flood Relief
California, Fire Relief