First Quarter Responses 2015


As we proclaim “Christ is Risen” this Easter season, Week of Compassion continues to share the light of hope, compassion, and peace with the world.  Through your generosity and support, we accompany and work with communities that call us to create peace in this world.  In the last few months we have offered hope to many individuals and communities who have been affected by natural and human-made disasters.  From helping families and children fleeing the conflict in Syria who have been internally displaced in refugee camps, to providing food and water to our sisters and brothers in the Vanuatu Islands whose communities were destroyed by category 5 Cyclone Pam, to providing solidarity grants to our Disciples communities in North America who suffered from severe winter storms, we have been responding to and working with many of these communities on your behalf.  

Below is a list of all the places we have responded since January 2015. Your contributions and partnership help us to live out Christ's call to serve the most vulnerable people in the world.   We are so grateful for your support and for putting your Compassion in Action. 

Thank you. 


Angola, Flood Relief
Central African Republic, Internally Displaced People (IDP) Assistance
Chad, Refugee Relief
Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Ebola Relief
Democratic Republic of Congo, Storm Damage
Kenya, Refugee Relief
Madagascar, Flood Relief
Malawi, Flood Relief
Mozambique, Flood Relief
Nigeria, Humanitarian Crisis

East Asia and the Pacific
China, Earthquake Relief
North Korea, Food Security
Vanuatu, Cyclone Relief

Middle East and Europe
Gaza and West Bank, Humanitarian Crisis
Jordan, Refugee Assistance
Syria, Humanitarian Relief
Syria, Refugee Relief
Ukraine, Refugee Assistance

North America
Arkansas, Fire Relief
California, Hunger Relief
Kentucky, Flood Relief (2)
Missouri, Fire Relief
Pennsylvania, Winter Storm Relief
Tennessee, Winter Storm Relief
Texas, Unaccompanied Children
Virginia, Refugee Assistance (3)
West Virginia, Train Derailment
Wisconsin, Fire Relief


Democratic Republic of Congo, Food Security
Democratic Republic of Congo, Community Development

Latin America and the Caribbean
Chaco Region, Water Access 
El Salvador, Food Security
Honduras, Food Security

Middle East and Europe
Bosnia, Interfaith Dialogue

North America
Arkansas, Long-Term Tornado Recovery
North America, Ecumenical Poverty Initiative
North America, Ecumenical Student Development
Washington, Mission Support

Southern Asia
Vietnam, Water Access