Your Compassion in Action - U.S. Storms and Nepal Update

Dear friends,

In the last two weeks there have been over 150 tornadoes throughout the United States, a 50% increase from the previous year.  The tornadoes have caused significant damage in many communities from Texas through South Dakota and Iowa, as well as in Colorado and Arkansas.  In addition to tornadoes, severe storms have also hit many of these areas, especially in Oklahoma.  Floods, hail, and heavy snow have impacted communities, and with heavy rain projected to stay, flooding will continue to be a threat in the next few weeks.  

Flood damage at Disciples Crossing Camp in Athens, Texas

Flood damage at Disciples Crossing Camp in Athens, Texas

Week of Compassion has been in contact with local pastors and regional ministers and has responded to many of these communities with prayers and solidarity grants.

We have also been collaborating closely with Disciples Church Extension Fund's Disaster Response Service to assist congregations and regions with their facilities after a disaster. The Disaster Response Service helps congregations assess damage to their facilities after a disaster- which includes helping to assess how and who to call to start the cleanup process, reviews the congregation's insurance policies to ensure they are getting everything they are entitled to, and assembles a building committee that will oversee reconstruction.  We are excited about this partnership with Disaster Response Service ministry and are grateful that we are able to respond to and work with affected congregations on behalf of the church.          

We will continue to monitor the severe weather in the upcoming weeks, but if your community is impacted, please let us know. We stand ready to provide support to you and your community during times of disaster.

Halfway around the world, a second earthquake hit Nepal on Tuesday. This 7.3 magnitude earthquake struck northeast of Kathmandu and was the second strongest earthquake to hit the region since the first struck on April 25. Over 2,000 people were injured in the second quake, and 64 people are dead.  The areas most affected are Dolakhu, Rasuwa, and Sidhupalchowk districts, where the second earthquake caused devastating landslides and caused weakened and damaged buildings to collapse.  Our partner on the ground, ACT Alliance, has accounted for all of their staff, who are safe. They are providing immediate relief to many of the rural areas. 

Nepal after the second earthquake. Photo: ACT Alliance

Nepal after the second earthquake. Photo: ACT Alliance

This second quake has created setbacks in the recovery efforts that will continue for weeks, if not months. Of particular concern however, is monsoon season in Nepal, which is to arrive in June and will create additional challenges in rebuilding efforts.  With monsoons come more threats of landslides, flooding, and the need to move people out of high-risk areas.  Week of Compassion will continue to work with our partners to provide relief in the coming weeks, and we will also be involved in planning the rebuilding of many rural communities.  We seek your prayers for the people of Nepal, as well as our partners on the ground.

As always, we are very grateful for your support and prayers.  Through you, we are able to respond to places at home and around the globe.  Your generosity enables us, together, to put our compassion into action.  

Thank you,

Vy Nguyen
Executive Director  

This Week's Responses:

Disaster Relief and Emergency Assistance
Virginia, Refugee Assistance
North America, Unaccompanied Children Crisis
Texas, Storm Damage (2)
Iowa, Storm Damage
Colorado, Storm Damage (2)
California, Fire Damage
Oklahoma, Storm Damage (5)

Development, Long-Term Recovery and Rehabilitation
Zimbabwe, Water Access