Your Compassion in Action - 2nd Quarterly Report

Through your generous support, we continue to work closely with our partners to equip and inspire sustainable development and recovery through humanitarian aid and disaster relief. From providing solidarity grants to families who have been affected by severe storms and flooding across North America, to offering assistance in the immediate aftermath and through the long-term recovery efforts after the massive earthquake hit Nepal earlier this year, to sending relief assistance to support the continuously growing communities of refugees fleeing their homes in the Middle East, Week of Compassion has been there on behalf of you, the Church.

Central Discipulos de Cristo, Mexico

Below is a list of all the places we have responded since April 2015. Your contributions and partnership help us live out Christ’s call to serve the most vulnerable people in the world. We are so grateful for your support and for continuing to put your Compassion in Action.

We would also like to take a quick moment to thank Rev. Dawn Barnes for her exceptional work with Week of Compassion over the past several years. Yesterday was her last day, and we are sad to see her go, but excited for the next part of her amazing ministry. Dawn and her family have accepted a call to work with the Mennonites in South Africa and will be heading that way soon. We are so very grateful for the passion and commitment Dawn has brought to Week of Compassion. We wish safe travels and many blessing for the Barnes family on the next part of their journey.

Thank you, once again, for your continued partnership and support.

Burundi, Emergency Evacuation
Central African Republic, Humanitarian Assistance
Djibouti, Yemen Refugee Assistance
Liberia, Refugee Assistance
Tanzania, Refugee Assistance
Uganda, Refugee Support

East Asia and the Pacific
Vanuatu, Cyclone Relief
Philippines, Shelter Rebuilding

Latin America and the Caribbean
Haiti, Emergency Assistance
Columbia, Flood Assistance

Middle East and Europe
Jordan, Refugee Assistance

North America
California, Fire Relief
Colorado, Flood Damage 
Colorado, Storm Damage (3)
Iowa, Storm Damage
Kentucky, Flood Relief (3)
Missouri, Storm Damage
North America, Unaccompanied Children Crisis
Oklahoma, Flood Damage (3)
Oklahoma, Storm Damage (5)
South Carolina, Solidarity Grant
Tennessee, Storm Relief (3)
Texas, Flood Damage (11)
Texas, Property Damage
Texas, Storm Damage (12)
Virginia, Refugee Assistance (2)

Southern Asia
Nepal, Earthquake Assistance
Thailand, Refugee Relief

Democratic Republic of Congo, Food Security
Mozambique, Food Security
Tanzania, Medical Development
Zimbabwe, Water Access

Latin America and the Caribbean
Haiti, Long-Term Recovery
Haiti, Medical Assistance
Haiti, Women's Empowerment
Uruguay, Youth Empowerment

Middle East and Europe
Iraq, Women's Empowerment
Palestine, Water Access and Community Development
Serbia, Women's Empowerment

North America
Colorado, Flood Recovery
Indiana, Home Build Sponsorship

Southern Asia
Indonesia, Food Security