Compassion in Action at Home and Around the World


Compassion In Action at Home and Around the World  

Just in the last couple of weeks, your Week of Compassion has been monitoring and responding to many ongoing disasters in North America and around the world.  The massive fires in the northwest continue to spread and grow in Washington, Oregon, and Northern California, endangering thousands of people and their communities. 

Week of Compassion has provided solidarity grants for emergency supplies for evacuees and continues to work with local congregations to prepare for evacuation and long-term support for those who have lost their homes.  Please continue to pray for the firefighters, evacuees, and impacted communities.

Photo Courtesy of SALT

Photo Courtesy of SALT

In the midst of fires in the Northwest, there has been flooding in many regions of the Midwest.  Week of Compassion has provided solidarity grants and is working with communities in the affected areas.

Our compassion does not only extend to communities at home, but also to those around the world.  Week of Compassion has been assessing the damage caused by Typhoon Soudelor earlier this month, the most intense tropical typhoon to develop in the Northern Hemisphere thus far in 2015.  This typhoon tore through the Northern Mariana Islands, Taiwan, and eastern China.  Week of Compassion has provided an initial emergency grant through our partners at Global Ministries for immediate food aid and medicine. In addition, we continue to work closely with Global Ministries to monitor the Cotopaxi volcano eruption in Ecuador and to provide emergency support as needed.

Week of Compassion will continue to monitor and respond to many disasters at home and around the world on behalf of you, the church.  We are able to do this because of your continued partnership, generosity, and support.  Thank you for your prayers and for putting your Compassion into Action.


North America
California, Fire Assistance
Colorado, Flood Assistance
Oregon, Fire Assistance
Iowa, Flood Assistance
Texas, Fire Assistance
Kentucky, Storm Damage

East Asia & Pacific
Taiwan, Typhoon Assistance
China, Typhoon Assistance

Latin American Caribbean
Ecuador, Volcano Relief 

Southern Asia
Myanmar, Flood Assistance
Pakistan, Flood Assistance

India, Flood Assistance

Middle East & Europe
Hungary, Refugee Assistance

North America
Texas, Refugee Support
Missouri, Disaster Preparedness