Rejoice and be glad, for God has done great things!

Today we celebrate God's faithfulness, your generosity, and the
amazing work your gifts have enabled over the last quarter. From
offering famine relief in Nigeria and across the Horn of Africa, to
supporting refugees and displaced persons, to providing economic
opportunities for women and girls, to rebuilding homes destroyed
by floods and tornadoes in the United States, Week of Compassion
partners continue to make a difference in the world.

Below, you will find the 2017 Second Quarter Report as well as
information about how to connect with Week of Compassion and
our partners at the 2017 General Assembly in Indianapolis, IN.

Throughout the Assembly, Week of Compassion staff and committee members (present and former) will be at our booth in the exhibit hall. Several of our partners will also have representatives in the booth, with some great stories to share! Come by and hear about the ways we are present for our neighbors near and far!

We hope to see you, also, at the Week of Compassion breakfast on Tuesday morning, with special guest Laila Alawa. Ms. Alawa is the founder and CEO of The Tempest and also works in public relations and social media branding for NuDay Syria, a non-profit organization bringing humanitarian aid to people in Syria and the surrounding countries displaced by the ongoing civil war. On-site tickets for the breakfast will be limited; buy your ticket in advance here.



Photo by Brethren Disaster Ministries

Photo by Brethren Disaster Ministries


Kenya, Drought Relief
Nigeria, Crisis Fund
East Asia and the Pacific
Philippines, Emergency Support
Middle East and Europe
Greece, Refugee Response
Jordan, Refugee Response
Lebanon, Refugee Response
Syria, Internally Displaced Response (2)
North America
USA, Refugee Response
Alabama, Storm Relief
Arkansas, Storm Relief (2)
California, Emergency Support
California, Long-Term Wildfire Recovery
Kansas, Fire Recovery
Kentucky, Storm Relief (2)
Louisiana, Long-Term Flood Recovery
Michigan, Refugee Response
Missouri, Storm Recovery (3)
North Carolina, Hurricane Matthew Long-Term Recovery (4)
Oklahoma, Tornado Relief
Tennessee, Storm Relief (2)
Texas, Long-Term Tornado Recovery and Mission Station support
Texas, Storm Relief
Texas, Emergency Support


DR Congo, Girl's Advocacy & Leadership
DR Congo, Women's Empowerment
Kenya, Emergency Drought Support
Liberia, Water Program Support
Nigeria, Famine Support
Sierra Leone, Water Program Support
Latin America and the Pacific
Chili, Forest Fire Prevention
Haiti; Water, Sanitation, & Hygiene
Middle East and Europe
Bosnia & Herzegovina, Renewable Energy
Georgia, Renewable Energy
Israel/Palestine, Sustainable Agriculture
Moldova, Renewable Energy
Southern Asia
Indonesia, Women & Girl's Empowerment