As we begin the new year, we are grateful for your partnership and support.  Below is a list of all our responses from the fourth quarter of last year. Each response is filled with hope and gratitude and represents a place where you, the church, offered presence in time of need. As we look forward into this new year, we know the work is just getting started.

This week, 21 clergy and their families who were impacted by Hurricane Harvey have been in Arizona for the Care for the Journey retreat. "Our well-being is sacred," said Angela Whitenhill, the Mental Health Initiative Manager for National Benevolent Association, to those gathered. Week of Compassion, NBA, and the Pension Fund cosponsored the retreat, with program assistance from Family and Children's Ministries of Disciples Home Missions, to support clergy and their families as the new year begins. Participants are practicing skills for self care, processing their experiences together, and renewing for the long journey of recovery.

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Fourth Quarter's Responses




Angola, Refugee Response

Cameroon, Boko Haram Conflict Relief (2)

Chad, Boko Haram Conflict Relief (2)

Ethiopia, Drought Relief

Nigeria, Boko Haram Conflict Relief (2)


Latin America and the Caribbean

Costa Rica, Tropical Storm Relief

Dominican Republic, Hurricane Relief

Haiti, Hurricane Relief


Middle East and Europe

Iraq, Internally Displaced Response

Jordan, Refugee Response

Syria, Emergency Winter Relief


Southern Asia

Bangladesh, Flood Relief

Bangladesh, Refugee Response

Myanmar, Internally Displaced Response


United States and Canada

California, Emergency Relief for Undocumented Families

California, Wildfire Relief (4)

Florida, Hurricane Irma Relief (4)

Iowa, Storm Relief

Missouri, Tornado Relief

Puerto Rico, Hurricane Relief (4)

Texas, Hurricane Harvey Relief (11)

United States and Canada, Long-term Disaster Recovery

Louisiana, Long-term Flood Recovery

Missouri, Long-term Flood Recovery

Texas, Hurricane Harvey Long-term Recovery

US Virgin Islands, Long-term Hurricane Recovery






Angola, Women Empowerment

Kenya, Children Education

Zambia, Sustainable Agriculture


Latin America and the Caribbean

Colombia, Conflict Transformation

Paraguay, Chaco Sustainable Development Support


Middle East and Europe

Israel/Palestine, Youth Empowerment & Just Peace (2)

Serbia, Roma Sustainable Development Support


Southern Asia

Indonesia, Food Security